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  1. craig87034

    Hornby 2015 range Two more skips for me
  2. craig87034

    Hornby 2014 range released today 67006 will join the fleet
  3. craig87034

    1Z74 1300 York-Almouth Thrusday 11th July anyone know what this is all about. Who's running it etc no gen on railway herald,railtour info etc
  4. craig87034

    West Sommerset Diesel Weekend and more

    Hi Uploaded phots from last week of West Sommerset diesel gala, 67016 and 17 on FGW aswell as skoda's in angia and a few other shots. link
  5. craig87034

    26010 and WSMR skips

    I've uploaded the best phots from the weekend of 26010 out on the diesel diagram at llangollen and a few shots of WSMR skips
  6. craig87034

    57313 and 315 on Rugex,WSMR skips and 37707 phots from Yesterday 37707,57310 some vomits @ crewe 57313 and 315 1V77 @ Shrewsbury and
  7. craig87034

    67003 and 002 Coast to Coast

    my phots from the tour
  8. craig87034

    London Midland Great escape rovers 13th -21st Feb

    From 13th-21st Feb London Midland are doing their Great Escape offer again. Exact same peace as the offer they did over Christmas and New Year but with restrictions during the week. gen at
  9. craig87034

    Archive phots 1999-2007

    I've uploaded some phots from my archives on to my fotopic 1999-2003 2004 and 2005 2006
  10. craig87034

    WSMR Additional train 5/12

    From Additional train Shrewsbury 08.15 Wellington 08.29 Telford 08.35 Cosford 08.43 Tame Bridge Parkway 09.08