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    Trivia : Busiest Two Platform station

    2 platform station- City Thameslink which in 2019/20 had over 8 million entrances/exits
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    Trivia — Lines That Were Built For Double Track But Were Only Ever Single

    Sections of the infrastructure between East Grinstead and Ashurst Jn were built for double track which enabled a passing loop to easily be built at Forest Row many years after the line was opened. Several bridges in the Hartfield- Withyham area have double track width. In several long stretches...
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    Guess the Station...

    My clues so far are- It is somewhere in Wales as the notices are in both Welsh and English..! The station looks like a recent build within the last 20 years...! Am I correct..?
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    Guess the Station... floor...
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    Guess the Station...

    OK a guess.. Kirkwood
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    Trivia: Bus Routes With Most Repeated Sections Of Route

    In Lewes on the No. 29 Tunbridge Wells to Brighton route the bus stop outside the old bus station serves passengers for both going to Tunbridge Wells direction or Brighton direction. In the Brighton to Tunbridge Wells direction the bus does a circle around the one way system to serve that bus stop.
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    Trivia - timetable padding

    I agree that this train was timed to wait for to pass trains at Tywyn and Harlech- crossing points on a single line
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    Longest Distance to a Rail Replacement Bus Stop

    Three Oaks and Doleham are both situated over a mile along a narrow country lane off the A259 Hastings- Ashford road. In the past the substitute buses stopped on the main road in the hamlet of Guestling Thorn to serve both stations where the road forked off in different directions to serve the...
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    Glasgow to Fort William

    I travelled in July 2020 and the 2 car portion of train for Fort William carried about 75 passengers. Plenty of room for everyone including socially distancing. Please ensure that you are in the correct portion of the train as the train from Glasgow Queen Street splits at Crianlarich with 2 cars...
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    Tunnel oddities at White City

    It would appear to be either one of the sidings into the former depot or the reversing loop see this article.. Wood Lane (
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    What lines did Railtrack (1994-2002) open or reopen?

    A list of stations...Category:Railway stations opened by Railtrack - Wikipedia Nottingham- Mansfield- Worksop was reopened in in the 1990s Edinburgh- Newcraighall (the first section of the Waverley Line)
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    Last steam workings out of Brighton on Plymouth/Exeter trains

    I started work for BR Southern in October 1966 and can confirm that steam had finished on the Brighton-Plymouth passenger service by then but unknown when diesels took over. I agree with Gloster above that an occasional freight or engineers train was steam hauled from the Havant direction into...
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    Longest Railway Commute

    When I worked for BR in Croydon there was someone who lived in Bourne, Lincolnshire . He drove to Peterborough where he started his rail journey. When in London Waterloo offices someone commuted from Bristol Parkway.
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    The League Liner

    I attach scan of a ticket of a service from Kings Cross to Seaburn on 27 October 1973 when Crystal Palace FC were playing at Sunderland
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    Guess the Station...

    Correct- I thought it would be too easy...
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    Guess the Station...

    Instead of a photo of my lady friend you have a photo of me at which station?
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    Guess the Station...

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    Guess the Station...

    A pure guess.. ...Greenhithe
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    Guess the Station...

    Further photos or clues would be appreciated.
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    Did the SECR ever plan on quadrupling to Ashford?

    It appears that in places between Tonbridge and Paddock Wood sufficient land was purchased to widen to 4 tracks as the boundary fence is well back from the track. I will add that the loop at Headcorn was added in the 1930s not in SER days. In the 1990s the line was increased to 4 tracks at...