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  1. Western Sunset

    Should you be able to get an over distance excess after you've gone beyond the validity of your original ticket?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #11 originally in this thread. Why were they unable to pay the excess? I'm sure many people's circumstances change en route. Did the "ticket inspector" who came along at Cricklewood not offer to sell them an excess? Should they have got off at St Albans to purchase another...
  2. Western Sunset

    Class 442 - locations update

    As the previous thread appears to have been locked, I just thought I'd give an update on the location of 442419. This is no longer at Weymouth, but now back at BM depot.
  3. Western Sunset

    Vegetation cut back at Bournemouth

    The bank sides at the eastern end of the station have recently had excess vegetation cut back. This opens up a clearer view of trains arriving/departing from the London end of the station.
  4. Western Sunset

    Railcard validity requirement for return tickets

    If one buys a return ticket and the railcard expires before making the return journey, is that return journey still valid?
  5. Western Sunset

    Engineering work this weekend between Bournemouth and Poole

    Just wondering if anyone knows what and exactly where the engineering work is this weekend please?
  6. Western Sunset

    The end of Modern Locomotives Illustrated?

    Enclosed with my subscription copy, which I received today, was a note stating that this magazine will be ending with the Feb/Mar 2021 issue. Sorry to see it go, but maybe it's run its course.
  7. Western Sunset

    Castle Cary footbridge

    Can someone enlighten me on the footbridge on the west end of Castle Cary station please. Is it just used for the Glastonbury crowds?
  8. Western Sunset

    There must be a better way.....

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I'm getting really concerned about the way that certain customers/passengers are being treated and the almost haphazard way that they are dealt with by some staff and external investigation/fraud firms (you know the one I'm alluding to in...
  9. Western Sunset

    Engineering work/s this weekend between Brockenhurst and Poole

    Anyone know the actual nature and location of these please?
  10. Western Sunset

    Has anyone ever been "done" for not signing their railcard?

    Recently got a new Senior Railcard. Used it earlier this week but have just realised I never got round to signing it on the reverse. So technically it wasn't valid....... Has anyone ever been "done" for not signing their card? In mitigation, could I have said that when I presented it at the...
  11. Western Sunset

    GEML - Track problems Up Main between Maryland and Stratford

    Anyone know why all up trains were being diverted via the Up Electric line around midday yesterday (17th) please?
  12. Western Sunset

    Was Bristol Parkway originally to have been named Bristol North?

    In the back of my mind, I've a feeling that before the "Parkway" suffix was coined, Bristol Parkway was originally to have been called Bristol North. Can anyone confirm this please?
  13. Western Sunset

    Engineering work between Branksome and Poole this weekend

    Anyone know what this is and exactly where this is taking place please?
  14. Western Sunset

    Redhill Engineering Work this Weekend

    Anyone know the exact location/s of this weekends engineering work at Redhill, please? Thanks, Peter
  15. Western Sunset

    Why do train wheels screech/sequel so much nowadays

    Listen to a train leave Euston and the wheels screech and squeal. Same at Kings Cross, Paddington, you name it. Why? I'm sure there weren't such high-pitched noises from wheelsets twenty years go. Just wondering why.
  16. Western Sunset

    Morpeth Avoiding Line

    Just wondering if the LNER ever planned an avoiding line at Morpeth, similar to the Frome and Westbury cut-offs on the GWR? Regards, Peter
  17. Western Sunset

    Being over-carried (hypothetical)

    I was on a Cambridge-bound Thameslink service last week. Wanted to get off at Finsbury Park, so on arrival pressed the button to open the door - nothing. Tried another door - still nothing. Start to panic as don't want to end up at Stevenage (next stop). Thought about pressing the SOS button...
  18. Western Sunset

    Hypothetical: Waiting too long in station drop off / pick-up zone

    Many stations have 20min (max) waiting areas to pick-up passengers. Suppose I arrive 10mins before the train I'm picking up someone from is due in, but find that it's running 30mins late. So instead of occupying the space for 10mins (thus within the 20 max), I'm there for 40min (20 min too...
  19. Western Sunset

    Ashchurch MOD Depot

    Anyone know when the last train served this depot? Approach track still in situ, but rails don't look like they've seen any traffic in a while. Thanks in anticipation.
  20. Western Sunset

    Free toilets on stations

    Something on another group about photography around London stations made me think about toilets! Is there a list anywhere, of FREE toilets at stations - I'm basically thinking of within London Travelcard Zones 1-6, so both National Rail and TfL. One you're of a certain age to obtain a Senior...