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    Electric Scot Farewellr

    Had a great trip Cov-Ldn today, a certain guard stated that extremely likely it would be out if a certain controller had anything to do with it!! So not the last trip hopefully.
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    Folkestone Harbour

    Newhaven Harbour Jn - Newhaven Harbour [platform 3 = Marine platform] [12] WE N 1852 SSuX Newhaven Marine - Lewes [this unadvertised service "temporarily" suspended from Thursday 17 August 2006 until further notice because of the condition of the Marine platform roof] Source PSUL!
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    Part Time Weekend Jobs

    Virgin do hire at 16 know a few people who have had station assistant jobs at stations although they did have family members working with Virgin. Maybe if u contacted a temping agency?? They may cover weekend work for ticket offices as I remember reading a blog about this. I doubt you'd get just...
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    WCML 87 bash! not 100% smooth ride!

    Ironic day for me really, headed from St Pancras to Euston to help Mark out with his excess which in the end turned out ok for Mark but could of gone a little better. Anyway onto the 87 I got and just before Watford a RPI and guard ask me and Ascot to accompany them to the next coach down as...
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    1S91 crash at Copmanthorpe near York - 1 fatality

    Mirroring Great Heck a car has left the road and crashed through a fence and onto the track. According to BBC News 22.45
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    1S91 crash at Copmanthorpe near York - 1 fatality

    Looks like a photo spot as well:
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    1S91 crash at Copmanthorpe near York - 1 fatality

    -Job stopped Colton. 1s91 struck car at Earfit Lane. 221136 reported to have derailed. 1S91 has derailed but remains upright. More details when available -Initial report of derailment is incorrect. Train upright. One fatality, assumed to be car driver -1S91 is 14.25 Plymouth- 23.26...
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    Last Aptis

    I have found most staff very friendly when issuing platform tickets on these machines and the only ones left really are the Tube/NR stations. CT were fine with issuing them same with SK. Gunnersbury is gone its Tribute (although I couldn't get a good view into the back). I am unsure whether the...
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    I visited the railway before services began running and was given a walking tour of the route (The DMU was under repair). There was a long running dispute between the EOR and ORPS. There was after the 1994 closure a request for bids for the preservation of the line, there were two main bidders...
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    South Wales Rugby Extras

    Fotopic update with photos from the Cardiff Rugby Extras. Update includes:- - 50031 & 50049 on the Gloucester/Newport- Cardiff/ Bridgend Shuttles - 47805 & 47847 on the Cardiff- Newport Shuttles - 60 & 66s on freight workings - FGW HSTs at Cardiff Central See more at...
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    The Northern Echo & Rugby Extras

    Got back after a great weekend chasing locos again, fotopic update now includes:- - The Highland Sleeper at London Euston - The Highland Sleeper at Edinburgh - The Northern Echo Ex. at London Kings Cross - The Rugby Extras in South Wales See more at...
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    376 into Victoria 26/3

    Nothing special this has happened before as I've seen them in there.
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    The Welsh Whistler & Cardiff Footex's

    Headed out to phot The Welsh Whistler & the Cardiff Footex's includes- - 37416 at Dalmuir & Edinburgh - 40145 with The Welsh Whistler at Crewe, Birmingham & Gobowen - 67020 at Crewe & Gobowen - 47s on the Footex's to Cardiff And many more locos, see more at...
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    What camera do you have?

    Canon G5
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    Locos in Scotland

    I don't want to get any staff into trouble but all pictures were taken with permission or any signs at the station were kept behind.
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    Locos in Scotland

    Now back from Scotland after a very eventful trip, most pictures from the trip now uploaded including- - 37s on 1Y11 to Oban and 1B01 from Oban - 37s on the Fort William sleeper, including 37406 failing on 1Y11 on Monday - 67s in various locations in Scotland - 6Y15 and 6E16 at...
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    (RG) Fort Bill sleeper this weekend

    Got off at Corrour on Monday the sign at the station said that Rannoch and Corrour would be closed during the work. There is no road to Corrour and the Rannoch road goes to no where on the WHL
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    The best rail day of the year - so far - 14/02 London!

    You haven't seen clag until you've seen a failing 37 trying to climb up to Corrour Summit and keep cutting out. Every time it was re-started massive clouds of black smoke were deposited onto Rannoch Moor. Shame it couldn't go any further than Rannoch.
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    Newquay HST/Virgin ADEX

    I haven't seen any gen on this, what trains will these be on this weekend? --- edited --- Apparently Glastonbury isn't on this year, this is the break year to give the field they use to breathe for a year.
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    CovRC - 4th Feb

    Please can you get your facts correct before you go slating people. Didn't do the Caledonian Sleeper I did the Night Riveria due to 47s being used instead of 57s, which to me was special enough to justify going. I didn't really feel up to going up to Coventry and doing all that work after 2/3...