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  1. Cheshire Rover

    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    Some (most?) of the old line from West Cheshire Junction to what was then UKF, now CF Fertilizers, is still in place. The adjacent branch is in use for supplying feedstock sand to the Encirc glass plant at Ince. The rest of the line up as far as Mouldsworth was lifted in the early 90's.
  2. Cheshire Rover

    Least Used Stations 2019-20

    Strong growth at both Helsby and Frodsham with the reopening of the Halton Curve.
  3. Cheshire Rover

    What incentive is there to go by train?

    Have you ever tried travelling in/out Manchester in the peak on a Northern or TfW service pre Covid? There is nothing pleasurable about that! Don't get me started on the P14 at Piccadilly.
  4. Cheshire Rover

    What incentive is there to go by train?

    It was Helsby to Manchester every day for 5 years then I changed roles in the same company and started to cover the whole UK, so it became a mix of commuting to Manchester a couple of days a week and flying/driving/train all over the UK. You soon get sick of travelling so much.
  5. Cheshire Rover

    What incentive is there to go by train?

    One of the reasons I packed in my last job in Manchester was the commute. Not the only reason but the packed trains, increasing costs and unreliable service over a 9 year period eventually got to me. The incentive to use rail was not having to drive on some of the most congested motorways in the...
  6. Cheshire Rover

    Buying house backing onto train tracks...

    Our old family house backed on to a freight line with regular traffic. The garden was about 30yrds long and you could feel every wheel go over every joint in the track when you were in the house. That said you do get used to it. Would I buy a house right next to a very busy station on a very...
  7. Cheshire Rover

    Rail firms should not be paid when trains run late, says Grant Shapps

    Just make delay repay more punitive. There are a myriad of reasons a train is late but it is not always the TOCs fault. At the moment for a 60 min delay you get your money back. Make it 20 minutes. If the delay is not the TOCs fault they should have a facility to claim back from whoever caused...
  8. Cheshire Rover

    Successes to Cheer Us Up

    Halton Curve being completed on time and in budget by Network Rail, tempered slightly by TfW failure to run the new service as planned.
  9. Cheshire Rover

    The Queen and Meghan stay over night on Royal Train before arriving in Runcorn

    I assume it ran both ways over the Halton Curve then today?
  10. Cheshire Rover

    Best place for a pint within view of a railway station/line?

    Beer Heroes Tap Room in the old waiting room at Helsby station. Open Thursday to Sunday.
  11. Cheshire Rover

    Wales and Borders Franchise - what would you do?

    There is talk about it but I've not seen any designs etc. Curve is due for completion in June I believe when the signalling is completed. The new crossover is due earlier in the year at the Halton end. I think the Frodsham end is complete. New service due in December.
  12. Cheshire Rover

    2018 infrastructure/rolling-stock investment - enough to silence the critics?

    I should be able to get an E Port to Man Vic train in the peak.. Good on Northern..
  13. Cheshire Rover

    Trivia:Intercity Routes which have more air travel than train travel

    I was at Newquay airport last week and a flight came in from Exeter.. Looked to be an Exeter to the Isles of Scilly with a stop off at Newquay...
  14. Cheshire Rover

    Is rail REALLY that bad in the North?

    There used to be a gas plant adjacent to the lines and Shell kicked up when Merseyrail wanted to electrify down to Helsby, hence why it stopped at Ellesmere Port. I understand this gas plant no longer exists..
  15. Cheshire Rover

    Is rail REALLY that bad in the North?

    Used to be half hourly from Helsby to Rock Ferry and well used. The downturn came when electrification only went as far as E Port. Then services were cut and surprise surprise usage fell off.
  16. Cheshire Rover

    Is rail REALLY that bad in the North?

    The frequency of services through Helsby to Manchester and North Wales are fine and we will soon be back to the 70's with through trains to Liverpool via the Halton Curve and services to Man Vic in the peak. For a very small station I'd say that direct access hourly to Liverpool, Manchester...
  17. Cheshire Rover

    The exciting railway event?

    The Halton Curve being modified to enable two way running and a new direct service from Helsby to Liverpool for the first time in 40 years. I just hope that the service is successful and that other services also use this mighty new route :)
  18. Cheshire Rover

    Liverpool Disruption 28 Feb 2017 - RAIB report released 30/11/17

    Does anyone know how the Virgin trains are turning around at Runcorn? They are coming in to P2 as normal then departing P1. I am not certain of the track layout around there but would they be using the crossover normally used for Folly Lane, so reversing out of P2towards Halton Junction...
  19. Cheshire Rover

    Incident at Birchwood 11Feb17

    Reports on local media that an incident has occurred at Birchwood with rail services affected. No confirmation from reliable sources but people on Facebook offering condolences. Edit - Fatality confirmed...