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    Connection time at Beccles

    Purely from a timetabling point of view, nothing is shown against Beccles in the eNRT so the default of five minutes would apply and it wouldn't be a valid "connection".
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    Wembley Stadium after football matches

    It's Chiltern's standard Wembley event plan, and is indeed to spread the load evenly through the length of the train. One queue for Marylebone, with platform staff encouraging people to spread out, two for Northbound passengers (exact split depends on the event) and two for charter passengers...
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    Minimum connection times info.

    Nope. In Chiltern land, both Gerrards Cross and High Wycombe are given one minute connections as well, with Princes Risborough and Stourbridge Junction allowed two minutes, and West Ruislip and Bicester North allowed three. Needless to say, this causes journey planners to throw up some...
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    High Wycombe Train Station

    Broadly speaking, it's 25mph leaving Marylebone, steadily increasing to 100mph around Wembley LMD (75mph for loco-hauled trains other than 67s+Mk3s or HSTs from there onwards), drops to 60mph through High Wycombe, building back up to 100mph a mile North of Princes Risborough, then down to a mix...
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    Train from Wigan Wallgate to Wigan North Western

    Change at Moor Street... ;)
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    Euston during demolition

    If memory serves from the testing at St Pancras in the run up to opening, the Eurostar platforms (and HS1 Domestic for that matter) have conventional colour light signalling controlled from Ashford, in addition to KVB.
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    Electric Key Token on Network Rail?

    Yup. Token instruments at Aylesbury North Goods Loop and Calvert I believe.
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    Euston during demolition

    Given that the necessary bill hasn't even been introduced to Parliament yet, let alone received Royal Assent, I suspect there are no concrete plans as yet. I would be extremely surprised if London Midland divert into Marylebone though, given the limited capacity. More likely would be hourly...
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    Bicester Town

    Looking at the Sectional Appendix, London Road Level Crossing marks the boundary between two Tokenless Block sections. For passenger trains terminating at Bicester Town from the Oxford direction the Driver contacts the Signaller at Oxford on arrival and when ready to depart. For through...
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    electrifying to Aylesbury?

    You run into platform length issues with anything longer than 5x23m vehicles (115m) at Rickmansworth, which is one of the reasons Chiltern don't stop there in the peaks. And I seem to remember reading somewhere that running anything over a 6 car Chiltern over the Met needs permission from the LU...
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    electrifying to Aylesbury?

    'elf and Safety. My understanding is that new 3rd rail is only permitted as an extension of existing schemes, and the closest existing installation ends near the Westway on the West London Line. And whilst it would theoretically be possible to extend pseudo-fourth rail electrification from...
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    electrifying to Aylesbury?

    Neither of the above! LU terminology (also seen on the Piccadilly Line between Acton Town and Northfields) is fast and local.
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    Inverness, mysterious platform 7

    Looking at the map and an aerial view of the station, I'd be inclined to suggest that the current Platform 5 is the previous Platform 3, and the car park is on the previous Platform 4.
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    New LED customer information screens for 13 Greater Anglia Stations Question

    One slight flaw in that...£1.2 million wouldn't buy one Turbostar or Electrostar carriage, let alone an entire unit!
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    ERTMS Query

    There's a revised issue of Rule Book Module T3 specifically for ERTMS equipped lines...But briefly: Planned possessions are taken from non-passable block marker board(s) to non-passable block marker board(s) and the controlling signaller has to close all the routes leading to the possession...
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    Stations with other TOC's signs/branding

    Stratford transferred to LU management with the opening of the Jubilee Line Extension in 1999, though Greater Anglia (obviously) still have a presence and ticket office there. Rather logical when you think that 12 platforms are served by TfL services (Central Line, DLR, London Overground and...
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    Graham Road Curve, Hackney.

    Graham Road curve was opened in the mid-1980s to allow the Watford Junction - Broad Street service to be diverted into Liverpool Street, though that service was withdrawn around 1992. When Hull Trains were sub-leasing Anglia Railways 170s, the curve (along with Canonbury curve) was used for...
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    Stations soon to close?

    I suspect the original rationale for Mosley Street's existence was to provide an alternative to Piccadilly Gardens for trams not going via Piccadilly, albeit only in one direction.
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    Chiltern Oxford Link completed

    Given the SoS/D(a)fT only gave Chiltern permission to start on the 29th of October, I think it's fairly safe to say that work "on the ground" is some way away from beginning. Apart from anything else, I'd guess the EG3 project team will want to consult with the East West Rail team to work out...
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    Chiltern Oxford Link completed

    Fsvo "limited". The walk from Marylebone to Baker Street isn't that much further than the walk from The Lawn at Paddington to the H&C platforms, and it's certainly less far than the walk from The Lawn to the car park at Paddington, which is beyond the country end of platform 1. Cheers, Barry