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  1. frodshamfella

    Issues with 16.34 Lime St to Birmingham

    On a number of Saturday's after shopping or going to a Museaum in Liverpool city centre, I've returned to Liverpool Lime Street to find this service cancelled. No big deal you may say there is another at 17.04 half an hour is time enough for a coffee. Except if you want to alight at Acton...
  2. frodshamfella

    Liverpool Northbound new services

    After chatting on here about the new Scottish services which is like to learn a bit more of , if it is 3 per day do they divide to serve Glasgow and Edinburgh or will it be 3 to each city ?
  3. frodshamfella

    30 Mar 23.34 Liverpool to Crewe

    Travelling home to Acton Bridge last night after seeing a show, found this train ( the last) was cancelled. There was no apparent information as to what passengers should do, so I went to the ticket office and was told, a coach had been put on. In the end two coaches left soon after the...
  4. frodshamfella

    Problems today on LM

    Travelled from Acton Bridge to Birmingham New Street today, overhead line issues so delayed both ways. Some North bound trains terminating at Liverpool South Parkway.
  5. frodshamfella

    Helsby to Ellesmere Port

    Travelled on this line yesterday, I go on it from time to time as it is quite local to me and a curious service. Got on 1545 at Helsby, and amazed as 3 passengers got off the arriving service from Ellesmere Port. I got on and decided to travel as far as Stanlow and Thornton and cross foot bridge...
  6. frodshamfella

    Parlimentary Train Chester to Runcorn

    Thanks to this forum, I learnt of a weekly service running from Chester to Runcorn on Saturdays at 0753 via Halton Curve and I took it last Saturday. The biggest surprise was that i was not the only passenger, there were 8 of us in total, and some certainly were not going just for the ride as...
  7. frodshamfella

    Bidston to Wrexham Ormskirk to Preston

    Does anyone know if either of these two lines have had any progress with respect to adding to Merseyrail network. I think Bidston to Wrexham, was their higher priority ?
  8. frodshamfella

    Slade Green Curve

    I used to Live in Bexleyheath twenty or so years ago, and was a regular commuter to Cannon Street and Charing Cross. I remember in peak hours, some trains would divert from Barnehurst to Slade Green rather than Dartford (some infact terminated at Barnehurst). I always found this curious, so one...
  9. frodshamfella

    Helsby to Ellesmere Port

    I live quite close to this irregular service branch line, when i get the opportunity (which is not that often considering the service levels!!) I use it. Have done twice quite recently, I travelled on Easter Monday (full service !!) Port Sunlight- Ellesmere Port-Helsby-Frodsham, and also...
  10. frodshamfella

    North West to London competition

    Hi...wondered if anyone could up date me....I got quite excited back when a new service was proposed from Blackpool to London by Grand Central (i think) calling at Hartford, which I would use. This seems to have gone quite London Midland also to start a Liverpool to London serice again, not...
  11. frodshamfella

    Bromley North

    Does anyone use this branch....When i lived in Kent I went on it a few times, i even remember when peak semi-fast service ran direct from Charing Cross to Bromley North.....All gone now, but I just wondered how the branch line was doing these days ??
  12. frodshamfella

    London Bridge - Victoria service( via Peckham Rye)

    I understand this route is going to end, I have used it a few times im dont live in London, but think it is a real handy link, and have found it quicker than the tube at times between these two termini .I also think it maybe the only London service that begins and end at two Central London...
  13. frodshamfella

    Helsby-ellesmere port line

    I am a new user, and live quite local to this line. I actually made a point of going on it today(Saturday) to see it for myself. I left Frodsham at 15.37, changed at Helsby and then took the branch from there to Ellesmere Port departing at 1548, in at 1559. I then took the same train back out of...