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  1. Cheshire Rover

    Virgin 221

    I hope someone can advise please? I'm off to London on Apr 6th and back Apr 7th. I normally travel to Euston from Runcorn but it appears that there is a bus replacement from Crewe to Runcorn on 7th Apr so I'm travelling from Chester instead as I'm not a fan of bus replacements. Now, I'm...
  2. Cheshire Rover

    Class 31 at Warrington

    I've noticed a green Class 31 parked up in the DRS yard at Warrington, close to Bank Quay station. It's been there over a week.This morning it appeared to be coupled up to a few freight trailers. Does anyone have any idea why it is there? It certainly looks well, in comparision to the usual...
  3. Cheshire Rover

    Class 150 at Man Picc

    I've noticed a Northern class 150 sat at platform 11 at Man Picc that is marked up not to be moved. I first spotted it last week and it was still there tonight. Does anyone know why it is parked there?