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  1. frodshamfella

    London Transport Route 124A

    I was brought up in the Bexley area and as a kid I remember seeing the Sunday afternoon only 124A to Bexley Hospital. At the Bexley Hospital terminus it looked like the bus would do a turn in the road, I never saw this happen, or it could have continued up to the roundabout over the A2 to...
  2. frodshamfella

    Bus 48 Northwich - Frodsham

    This rural route lost its Saturday service a few years ago unfortunately. A more recent change is on Wednesdays the service for part of the day is numbered 48A and is routed via Cuddington. Morning and afternoon services revert back to 48 to cater for schools. Service is every 2 hours.
  3. frodshamfella

    Memories on Greenline 725 route

    I am interested if anyone used or had memories of this route ? Many years ago I lived in Bexleyheath, the town lost it's Greenline link for a long time when the 701 ( 702 earlier again) Ascot to Gravesend route finished. The 725 used to travel west from Gravesend and Dartford through Crayford...
  4. frodshamfella

    LT bus 126 ( 1970s)

    I used to Live in Bexleyheath, one thing I always found odd , was why was the LT bus 126 extended to Bexleyheath on a Sunday ( in those days no one did anything much on a Sunday !) so why / If it was extended Mon- Fri peak hours or Saturday shopping hours I'd understand it. I think it normally...
  5. frodshamfella

    Memories of London Country

    I was brought up in Bexleyheath and as a lad I remember the local routes of London Country. I'm talking of 1970s, routes 400 401 401A 486. Plus the 491 from Belvedere to Horton Kirby and 467 from Sidcup to the same destination. Does anyone remember this period ?