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  1. frodshamfella

    Avanti fares

    When I went i did book in advance, but there was nothing particularly cheap which would work. £200 was the best I could get.
  2. frodshamfella

    Avanti fares

    I went on a was last month now, needed to be in London for a lunch appointment. My friends live near Beckton on the DLR, so they will head to Euston. They are more flexible..but aim to arrive on Friday 23rd say about 1800 ish, leave Monday 26th around 9.30 - 10. My nearest...
  3. frodshamfella

    Avanti fares

    Yep done that way before, have advised my friends who are coming up from London for a weekend to look at that route.
  4. frodshamfella

    Avanti fares

    I travelled down after 9.30 , came back at just after 5, which I expected to be dear, but from memory when I booked there was nothing else much cheaper for hours. I spent some time looking at it at the time looking for something more reasonable.
  5. frodshamfella

    Avanti fares

    Have I just been unlucky or are the fares on Avanti really expensive ? Bought two lots of tickets from Runcorn to Euston mid week day return 2nd class £ 200 each. They were purchased on different days completely, one much further in advance but it made no difference. I have a friend trying...
  6. frodshamfella

    Fares via Halton Curve

    I will use it for the airport and city centre.
  7. frodshamfella

    Preston to Kenton

    How about using London Midlands service from Crewe. Think there fares are pretty cheap. They do advertise Liverpool to London with good low fares too. Maybe take train from Preston to Liverpool via Burscough. Then London Midland Liverpool to Birmingham service, change at Crewe, or maybe...