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    Retention tank toilets on Great Central Railway?

    Newp...Though I believe the Chiltern loco-hauled Mk 3s now have retention tanks fitted as part of the power door fitment programme. Cheers, Barry
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    [BLS] Chiltern Railways Depot Tracker

    You may well think that, I couldn't possibly comment...But I suspect the phrase "I'll do it for 12" may be uttered :wink: I would imagine that the alcohol ban is due to it running through working depots, and the lack of catering is down to the Chiltern catering crews being based in...
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    [BLS] Chiltern Railways Depot Tracker

    The Branch Line Society, in association with Chiltern Railways, are organising a tour in aid of the Railway Children on Sunday 26th May. Tickets are £50 for Adult BLS members and Chiltern staff, £40 for BLS members under the age of 16 and children of Chiltern staff, £60 for Adult non-members...