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    Southeastern Highspeed to St Pancras International (18/5/2013)

    The train in question doesn't appear in the eNRT either, just an 0537 and an 0637.
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    1I19 Birmingham Moor Street to Wembley Stadium

    It's a charter for passengers holding "Club Wembley" travel tickets. Return working is 1R60 1955 Wembley Stadium - Moor Street if there's no extra time, 1R63 2052 Wembley Stadium - Moor Street with extra time and penalties. Corresponding service from Marylebone was 2I36 1355 to Wembley Stadium.
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    Trivia: Trains with unusual stopping patterns

    Given the single track section, it was Bicester in both directions. 0630 ex-Snow Hill on the up, 1700 and 1800 ex-Marylebone on the down.
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    Trivia: Trains with unusual stopping patterns

    I found a pre-Hatfield NRT while having a clearout recently, and calling patterns in Chilternland were a lot different than now. For starters, London - Stratford was still in the hands of Thames, there were trains spinning at Warwick, no service beyond Snow Hill and Bicester - Aynho hadn't...
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    05.33 Manchester to London 21st april only (London Marathon)

    Chiltern are running a couple of additional trains for the Marathon as well: 1Z12 - 0655 from Aylesbury, calling at Princes Risborough (0709), High Wycombe (0720), Beaconsfield (0727), Gerrards Cross (0733) and due into Marylebone at 0756. 1Z20 - 0908 from Princes Risborough, calling at High...
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    Footex Gerald goes to Wembley

    One fairly obvious difference between the FootEx and the W&S timings is that the FootEx is routed via Oxley (Stafford Road Junction), Wolverhampton North Junction and Dudley Port instead of via Tame Bridge Parkway. Having done some digging on TRUST, the Up train is showing as operated by ATW...
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    May 2013 timetable changes?

    Chiltern are proposing to extend the Sunday Aylesbury - Amersham shuttles through to Marylebone, providing a half hourly service in the afternoon, switching two pairs of Marylebone - Aylesbury via High Wycombe (and return) trains back to separate Marylebone - Princes Risborough and Princes...
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    Freight given priority over passengers?

    Not entirely unusual...A pair of trains on the Southminster branch were marked up as ThX (if memory serves) in the NRT to allow the Bradwell power station flask train to run in their path.
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    Unadvertised Express trains from London Victoria

    It'll be either the Orient Express or possibly the Cathedrals Express, both of which have regular paths from Victoria.
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    Request for information on trains worked by 86501

    TOPS is showing 86501 as out of traffic for maintenance/repair since 5th February. Expected back in traffic on 20th March.
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    Most limited service stations on a well served line

    How about Angel Road on the West Anglia Main Line? Prior to the reconstruction of the Angel Road viaducts as part of an upgrade of that section of the A406 in the 1990s, it was served by half hourly trains between Liverpool Street and Hertford East. Following the reconstruction, the service was...
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    1555 Birmingham Moor St-Marylebone

    The timing load for the train in question in the Working Timetable is for a 168, as would be expected.
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    chiltern loco hauled - again

    So it is...I saw the other two and assumed there wouldn't be another as there are only two up workings. My bad.
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    chiltern loco hauled - again

    Saturday workings are as follows:0712 Kidderminster - Marylebone0910 Kidderminster - Marylebone1106 Marylebone - Moor Street1706 Marylebone - Snow Hill Sundays:1013 Moor Street - Marylebone1833 Marylebone - Moor Street This is, of course, subject to change for operational reasons...
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    Virgin Trains proposed Shrophire - Euston services

    Could always do what Wrexham and Shropshire did on various occasions and branch off at Stechford and run via Tame Bridge Parkway, thus avoiding both New Street and the need for reversal.
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    Virgin Trains proposed Shrophire - Euston services

    Reversal at Langley Green or Rowley Regis (assuming such a thing is possible) and run via Smethwick Jn, Galton Jn, Soho North Jn, Soho East Jn and Perry Barr North Jn to pick up the Down Grand Junction and proceed via Bescot to Wolves?
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    Virgin Trains proposed Shrophire - Euston services

    I'd hazard a guess that calling points between Birmingham and Wrexham would be similar to the ATW ones, so I'd go with Wolves, Cosford, Telford Central, Wellington (Salop), Shrewsbury, Gobowen, Chirk and Ruabon. Smethwick Galton Bridge is a possibility too.
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    What might a Boxing Day Service look like?

    Obvious one for Chiltern land: Half hourly Marylebone - Bicester North from 8am to 9pm, calling Gerrards Cross, Beaconsfield, High Wycombe and Princes Risborough, to cater for Bicester Village shoppers. Preferably LHCS, with the DVT being used for storage. Probably hourly Marylebone -...
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    Christmas/New Year rail travel

    It's not just drivers though, but the myriad of other staff required to run the service.
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    Conflicting calling points for 1L62?

    Staff Live Departures shows two passing times for Dalmeny for that particular train today, namely 1239 and 1240. Certainly isn't showing a booked call. The May - December WTT only shows a passing time for Dalmeny Junction of 12:39, with no time for the station, and the eNRT (Table 242) doesn't...