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  1. frodshamfella

    Options to electrify Ellesmere Port to Helsby?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #7 originally in this thread. I suppose the other option is extend the 3rd rail to Helsby, but I suppose this would cost .$$$$$$$
  2. frodshamfella

    Beeston Castle

    I heard or read something some time ago about bringing this station on the Crewe to Chester line back. Has anyone else heard or know about this idea ? To me would seem a good thing to do considering there is no stops at all on this section of line, and a large area with no rail provision, plus...
  3. frodshamfella

    Branch/siding near Ince & Elton

    I noticed while travelling from Helsby to Ellesmere Port, what seemed to be a branch off this line possibly to some sort of yard, or factory just before Ince & Elton Station, does anyone know about this development ? Thanks Carl
  4. frodshamfella

    Halton Curve

    Can I urge anyone interested in improving rail infrastructure to sign this MPs petition for reopenning the Halton Curve into full use. Living in the area concerned this short line would bring massive improvements to transportation links which are greatly needed. Thank you...
  5. frodshamfella

    Teesside airport station

    Im sure someone will have asked this before, but why is it that Tees Side Airport, has such a poor rail service, from what I can see just two on a Sunday ! I know Tees Side Airport is not Gatwick or Heathrow, but surely with a station available for an airport, a better service would be...