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    Passenger charter discounts/void days on changeover season tkt

    I should have been clearer in my previous post. I agree that, where "void" days were added when the ticket was renewed, they should be deducted prior to calculating the base rate for that ticket for change-over purposes, then added back on when issuing the new ticket. However, if there are...
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    Passenger charter discounts/void days on changeover season tkt

    Just as an addendum to the above, where "void days" are owed on the original ticket those should be refunded in the normal manner before the change-over is calculated. They CAN NOT be carried forward. Also, charter discounts CAN be carried forward if both the old and new journeys are within...
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    GroupSave changes?

    Here are a couple of screenshots taken from Trainline and FasTIS that illustrate the "not valid before 09:30" rule being applied. I would've included a Journey Planner screenshot, but we've not got access to that any more. On the Trainline shot, notice the lack of radio button under the 09:13...
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    London and Paris Travel Advice

    One key difference between Oyster PAYG and a paper Travelcard is that you can't get an extension ticket to go to a station outside the Travelcard Area with the former, but you can with the latter. So if, for example, you wanted to go to Beaconsfield to visit Bekonscot Model Village, you'd have...
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    Luton Travelcard time restriction

    I'd concur with that, which makes the first valid train 1B21 (0704 Lincoln Central to St Pancras), which is due off Leicester at 0833 and into St Pancras at 1000.
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    UK Map - Season Prices to London

    I don't think such a map exists, simply because each of the TOCs have different pricing policies. Picking some examples (weekly rates, assuming Zone 1-6 Travelcards):Shoeburyness (39.5 miles) : £112.40 Southend Airport (39.75 miles) : £109.60 Newport (Essex) (40 miles) : £122.40 Baldock (36.75...
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    London Midland Super Off-Peak returns

    This change only appears to apply to certain flows, as the text for restrictions LH, LJ and LK hasn't changed in The Manual for NFM15.
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    Why don't the TOCs address this issue (collection of tickets)?

    Avantix Mobile does feature some flavour of ToD type functionality. I believe GatEx (in NatEx days) were the first to use it, but most TOCs don't for some reason. And I'm told that Atos are currently working on the second hardware refresh for Avantix.
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    Evening Peak Restrictions on Southern Downlander

    Just to muddy the waters further, the wording in NFM15 is different: "The All Network Downlander is not valid on trains that depart from a station within London Zones 1-6 between 16:15 and 19:15 (inclusive) Monday to Friday"
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    The Secretary of State for Transport on split tickets

    Quite a few splits tend to come about where the through ticket is priced by one TOC (usually one of the ex-InterCity ones) and the intermediate ones are priced by another (usually ex-Regional Railways, Network Southeast or PTE subsidised). Advance ticket quotas can also throw up some...
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    Time restricted Tickets and Delays.

    In this particular case, The Manual uses the same wording as NRE, namely travel after 1800, as opposed to travel on services scheduled to depart after 1800, so FGW and the Guard in question are wrong to say otherwise.
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    Season Ticket text changes

    The first time you buy a monthly or longer season ticket from a given TOC (sometimes even at station level), they should take your photocard number and contact details to add you to their Season Ticket Database. As such, if you'd bought a ticket from another London Midland ticket office in...
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    Milton Keynes-Luton... VT99?

    It's dropped out of the Bus Links section in "The Manual" too, so I wouldn't be confident of it still being available to buy. Tickets to Luton Airport Bus MK (K042) are showing as still available...but refer to being an add-on to tickets with a TOC indicator of VWC or VXC(!)
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    Oddly routed fares

    The bloke at c2c responsible for setting the fare claims the same (more specifically that you have to use the Gravesend - Tilbury ferry, but it's not included in the fare)...but can't think of a way of fitting that, and the lack of HS1 validity, into the 16 characters allowed. :wink: Answers...
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    Group tickets to London, assistance needed please!

    The eight using GroupSave "Kids for a Quid" would pay £1.00 each whether they had a Travelcard or not, and it saves having to hunt down barrier staff all the time. The two travelling on the Family Railcard could save about a pound by not getting a Travelcard...but there's no guarantee of a...
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    London to Sheffield, group of 8 - 10?

    EMT don't do GroupSave from/to London, alas. And looking through the Fares Finder (ticket types GR3 and GR4), they don't appear to do it for anywhere South of Derby if travelling to Sheffield.
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    excess to anytime question

    The simple answer is that there are no "East Coast Only" walk-up fares for London to Sheffield, so if you want to amend the ticket after the Advance tickets are gone and/or reservations are closed, the only possible excess is to an "Any Permitted" walk-up fare. If the clerk was to issue it...
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    Group tickets to London, assistance needed please!

    How about trying GroupSave for the majority, rather than a Railcard? By my reckoning: 8 "Adult" (4 Children travelling on Adult tickets) Travelcards : 8 * £40.50 = £324.00 8 "Kids for a Quid" Travelcards : 8 * £1.00 = £8.00 Sub-Total : £324.00 + £8.00 = £332.00 That leaves: 1 * Adult Family...
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    excess to anytime question

    From the (internal) "Advanced Fares FAQ": For bonus points, there is no Condition 2c...
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    Sandwell to Liverpool - First Excess Fare

    The excess should be the difference between the fare paid and the sum of the appropriate single fares or the fare paid and the First Class Return if cheaper. In this case, the First Class Single is £45.40 and the Standard Single is £32.70, for a total of £78.10, compared to a First Anytime...