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  1. Cheshire Rover

    Court Hearing

    My advice for what it is worth is get yourself some professional legal advice.
  2. Cheshire Rover

    Court Threat For Teenager Over 60p Gwersyllt Train Fare

    ATW are very active at the moment. Twice this week they have had RPI squads at Earlestown and twice I have seen people nabbed. To be honest, I fully support this. As a regular commuter and sometime season ticket holder I hate to see fare dodging. However, with the large number of unmanned...
  3. Cheshire Rover

    Prosecution from Arriva Trains Wales

    I have just see a joint ATW/Northern revenue protection operation at Earlestown for the very first time. They looked to have caught one dodger. Great to see to see this and hopefully it wikl become more frequent.
  4. Cheshire Rover

    Court threat - Northern Rail

    Yellow ticket machines could be for the MEN car park. I use Victoria for both train and car park and although it is slightly confusing there really isn't and excuse for confusing the railway station main exits and the car park. That said, it does seem that Northern do their best to make things...
  5. Cheshire Rover

    Prosecution? What will happen next

    TVM's planned for Helsby, Frodsham and Runcorn East.
  6. Cheshire Rover

    Advice re Anytime Fare charged for travelling on the wrong train on an Advance ticket

    I am only a humble fellow passenger but I believe that the rules for the use of Advance tickets are absolutely clear and you have no chance of getting a refund.