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    Stone Station (Freight)???

    Hello Does anyone know if Stone Station is Anygood for freight ,looking at times in the Afternoon 2pm - 8pm weekdays ,just looking at another station north of Stafford any ideas thanks .. --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Or is there any good places around Norton Bridge for...
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    Winwick Junction

    Lo wheres the best places to get shots around Winwick Junction please thanks
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    70018 @ york

    lo is 70018 still at york , and if so wheres the best place to view it thanks
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    Stafford & along wcml

    Lo does anyone know of any good line side shots or foot crossings along wcml around the Stafford rugeley Nuneaton area please
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    Tyseley Depot photo locations

    Lo does anyone know any good vantage points to get good shots and see whats in the depot cheers
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    Crewe EMD and diesel depot

    Lo does anyone know if ya can get near them and get some decent shots there , ive done gresty rd and basford hall they came out well wondered about the other ones around crewe and how to get to them thanks
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    Healey Mills Depot -anything left

    Lo does anyone know if theres anything left here at Healey Mills ie 56s or any other motive Power cheers