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    A career as a signaller

    It is happening. At the roc. Not sure of the timeline at the moment
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    A career as a signaller

    Jobs get updated on Wednesdays.
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    Police Constable to Railway

    We're chocablock with cops at the ROC!
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    Delay Attributor interview

    It's a very technical, investigative job. It also requires you, as other Tom said, to work with some exceptionally difficult, obstructive people. You'll probably be asked about things like PPM, the Right Time Railway and other things like that.
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    A career as a signaller

    It is difficult sometimes Monopoli. On a 1 hour roster, you do have a lot of days completely off, which is great, but you also work half the weekends and half the nights. So it can limit you a bit.
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    A career as a signaller

    West Hampstead is a 12 Hour now.
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    A career as a signaller

    How do you mean? The Network Rail application tests? They're... kinda vital? Or do you mean how do they relate to the actual job?
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    A career as a signaller

    I'll have you know that our warehouse has plenty of soul thankyouverymuch
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    Network Rail - Pay Dates

    ohh yes it is! good ol' double pay month!
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    level 8 signaller roles

    There is zero obligation for feedback. I got my first Grade 8 job while I was at signalling school for a Grade 2. I've seen plenty of people walk in off the street into 8/9s. Even SSM roles are sometimes filled off the street. If you can show that you have relevant experience, and the...
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    Job application for operative (Off Track)

    research the 8 non technical skills and you can't really go wrong! Hearing back can take a LONG time.
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    A career as a signaller

    If only there were some useful moniker or acronym by which we could remember that! :wink:
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    Crossing Keeper salary/enhancements

    Saturdays are paid at the normal rate, sundays are extra and paid at 150%. Rest day working is paid at 125% and there's also a night shift premium if that is on your roster. People tend to say that if you work a reasonable amount of OT, you can expect to make 10-20% on top of what your baseline...
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    Grade 8 Three Bridges ROC x 12

    Yeah no kidding. It's been mentioned, but is a no deal.
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    Grade 8 Three Bridges ROC x 12

    Training at TBROC is mon-fri, 7 hour shifts.
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    Newby Signaller...

    psst... it's Three Bridges ROC!
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    First Day as Signaller

    haha! Well, congratulations. The LOM is fantastic, very supportive. My only advice is: pass out as quickly as you possibly can.
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    First Day as Signaller

    I've just been staring at the screen for 5 minutes trying to remember the name... Tiny box in the middle of nowhere actually located on a cattle farm, yet still smells worse inside than outside? Colleague called Gordon? CLAYDON JUNCTION!?
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    First Day as Signaller

    you must have contact details for HR or the LOM by now? I would recommend asking them.
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    Signaller talent pool

    Also, as far as i know, there is no Signaller Talent Pool. You get the job or you don't. They don't keep you on file. This might have changed.