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    Three Bridges ROC

    Hi guys, The last time I went for a job, you were all very helpful. I've now got an interview at the new ROC at Three Bridges and am looking for extra info. I've found bits and pieces on the net, and i'll have a peek at the sectional appendix, but theres some stuff I couldn't find. What...
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    Signalling School October 2013 intake

    Hi there, I start Signal training on 21st October (thanks in no small part to advice from this forum) I was wondering if there was anyone else here that was starting too. Or anyone that had done it that had any advice? Tom
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    Steeple Claydon SB

    Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm rather new here... I'm interviewing for a signalling job at the Steeple Claydon signal box on Friday, and I've started my research in earnest now. I've located the village (but not the box exactly), and it's on a railway line that...
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    Signaller interviews

    Hi there, I'm a short time lurker, new poster. I've applied for a couple of rail jobs over the past few weeks, and had the most success with signaller roles. I passed panel assessment and now have two interviews set up in September (with hopefully more to come). Does anyone know what to...