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    Portugese Railways to restore the Sud Express & Lusitânia sleeper services- without RENFE?

    I realised I hadn't seen a post about this- there was a better article with pictures of carriages undergoing refurbishment but I can't find it. Text has been through Google Translate. Article is here, translated text below (as per rules). Summary: CP have bought 51 coaches (not Talgo) from RENFE...
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    DFDS launch "brexit bypass" Rosslare-Dunkerque freight ferry route

    This is a fairly big move This will be the first ferry from Dunkerque to anywhere other than Dover in a long while yes? the picture is fairly generic, the article doesn't say which ships (it'll need a pair) are going to be assigned to it
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    Query - Electrical Isolation- Cambridge

    This weekend there's a bridge being lifted into place across the river Cam, near Cambridge North station adjacent to the railway bridge. This is happening in the early hours of Sunday morning (around 2am!). As far as I've been led to believe this is because the proximity means that Network Rail...
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    Rotterdam Metro saved by art!

    A Rotterdam Metro train appears to have runaway in the sidings beyond De Akkers in Spijkenisse, the south terminus of lines C&D, coming to rest on a giant sculpture of whale (or dolphin) tail that rises from the canal
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    Cambridge Platform 4 to be extended to accommodate 240m trains

    Platform at Cambridge station to be extended to make room for new longer trains Make a lot of sense operationally, allowing 2x720/5 to use platform 4 and also allowing Great northern 12-car services to use it. The existing signals for northbound trains from P4 are over 55m from the top of the...
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    The last slam door trains in public service

    The current situation has seen changes in stock use with, it seems, some trains being retired earlier than planned. That I know of, Greater Anglia have withdrawn their Mark 3 fleet, and should easily have enough 745s in service by the time they can go back to a "normal" timetable. Likewise...
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    "RENFE to launch Avlo low-cost high speed rail for everyone"

    MARVEL as RENFE transfer existing services to a "cheap and cheerful" subsidiary and move them outside of any sort of inter-operable ticketing etc, just like SNCF TGV Ouigo
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    Avanti West Coast New Stock - Hitachi chosen

    via Richard Clinnick on Twitter:
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    Battery Powered Electrostars for Southern

    In the October 2019 Modern Railways it is let slip that as part of the Regional part of East Midlands Railway going all-Turbostar that they will take on Class 171s from Southern, with those being replaced on diesel services by Electrostars equipped with batteries. Two questions: 1. Have GTR...
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    Proposal to convert the Abbey Line to a busway

    Buried deep within the A414 Corridor Strategy Document, which can be found here Having made it clear that by "Mass Rapid Transit" they mean "Bus Rapid Transit" (via buslanes and possibly bus guideways), page 126 has this bit (bold emphasis mine) This isn't exactly a firm commitment to rip up...
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    Brighton Main Line- major closure Oct '18 & Feb '19

    Network Rail are to close the BML between Three Bridges and Brighton & Lewes for two 9 day periods (was surprised I couldn't find a thread about this already)
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    Train moves without the guard!

    In Geoff Marshall's video on Combe Junction part of the junction procedure is shown, with the guard operating the ground frame. The driver moves through the junction, and the points are reset- which seems a bit odd given the next train through the junction is the same unit returning. Are there...
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    Cambridge-Gatwick return

    Travelling (erm, later today) to Gatwick, and back next Sunday. I have a Network Railcard and preffered route is to Kings Cross and then Thameslink. Any advice as to going cheaper than an Off Peak Return at £31.30?
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    Level Crossing replacement in the Netherlands

    I know this is "International" but I thought this section would like to see this video of a level crossing being replaced with a road underpass Note the cycleways (both sides) don't go as far down as they only need 3m headroom
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    Cambridge-Liverpool Street lower fares- history

    There's a minor fuss being made at the moment over the ticket machines at Cambridge and Cambridge North (the latter especially as there's no ticket office) defaulting to show "Liverpool Street Only" tickets first (being the cheapest) when most going to London want the faster Kings Cross trains...
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    AVRT- an idiotic proposal for Cambridge

    "Affordable Very Light Rapid Transit" is a proposal that's been funded by the City Deal (now Greater Cambridge Partnership) as a concept for public transport in and around Cambridge details are here Part 1 Part 2 Roughly speaking, it consists of 40-seater self steering 8 wheel electric buses...
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    Cambridge-Whistable return

    Headed to Whistable for a few days. Planning to do the simple route of Cambridge-Kings Cross (walk) St Pancras - Whistable (high speed). Travelling after 10am on weekdays in both directions with a Network Rail Card. Any saving (on this route) on £31.90 Off Peak Return? (planned itinerary on...
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    Class 365 future

    based on this post in the 387 fleet the Class 365s, all 40, may be spare in the next three years. Where might they go? Could they be fitted with new 3rd rail shoes? the first 16 worked as 3rd rail units when new; the rest presumably could be converted anyway? They would seem to have a...
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    Sheffield Trams get a new announcer

    ... Jarvis Cocker
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    Don't put political messages on the destination display

    I mean, really, this should be obvious, yes? To be clear: this would be just as unacceptable and I'd expect the company to take the same action if they'd posted the opposite message I'm guessing this may lead to a tightening up of SWT's rules on the messages. Which is shame, but as ever it...