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    Is it worth doing both sides of the Rhine?

    I have done the Rhine Valley railway from Cologne to Mainz, did it on an IC service so went down the West side. I have a potential trip (COVID dependant) and wondered if anyone has done the other side and is it worth it? Or is it just much of the same? Feels like you'd get a different view, but...
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    GWR COVID Reservations

    Hope someone can shed some light on this. What is GWR reservation policy at the moment? A family member has booked a return from blackwater to liskeard, the off peak return cost around £72 with a Railcard. Going Friday 28th returning Sunday 30th May. By the time they booked only the 12:33 off...
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    Changing trains at Frankfurt Flughafen

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience changing trains at the Frankfurt Airport station, we are changing from the Regional part of the station to the High Speed part of the station from an RE train to an ICE train. It says there is a 10 minute walk, from google aerial images it looks to...
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    End of the Hamburg - Copenhagen Train Ferry

    Being reported in this months Modern Railways that the rail ferry service on the Hamburg-Copenhagen route (Fehmarnbelt Ferry) is to be stopped from the December Timetable change. Apparently due to the volume of engineering works being undertaken to facilitate the new fixed link trains were being...
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    Interrail Rail Planner - Missing Stations

    Using the rail planner app that is recommended with the tickets, it has many stations on local lines around Germany missing. Is this a specific error for this area or does this rail planner app only consider the faster trains and exclude some local RE ones?
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    DB Planner Engineering Work Timetable

    Just been looking at some journeys for the summer from Stuttgart to London. Journeys via Paris have a warning saying between Stuttgart and Paris a 60 minute delay due to construction works, but it hasn't actually changed the time of the train. Is this common practise, to just advise of a delay...
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    European Timetable, How far in advance?

    Looking at Eurostar for next summer, I was looking at trains in the DB planner for the end of June 2019. It appears on the face of it that the timetable is fully populated with most of the trains appearing. But then suddenly on the Saturday I want to travel loads of Eurostar trains disappear...
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    TPE and ATW acting incorrectly: incompetence or are they lying?

    This thread was set up to ask if getting reasonable claims denied was a regular thing. Both examples below have been rectified. I do not have access to the original claims (TPE don't provide one) and I did not fill out the ATW one. So due to the May Timetable change I am now significantly more...
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    Harz Mountain Railway

    Just looking for any helpful advice from anyone who has ever been there especially in terms of ticketing which i am currently trying to work out!
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    Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland

    What is the best way to get between the two? Is it simply the RER changing in the centre? And does anyone have any experience of how simple it is? Ta in advance.
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    Leeds Tram Article Found this article I have looked through previous threads on the tram project for Leeds here but just thought this article prompted further discussion. Having moved to Leeds in...
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    Ticket Validity Dewsbury-Truro and Sleeper

    Apologies if this is a frankly obvious question. I have a ticket from Dewsbury to Truro. Off Peak Return £310. It seems to not be valid via London.... But for the trip home national rail gives me the option of selecting to go on the sleeper via London. Just want to check this is valid...
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    Saltash - Truro Return Split Journey

    Want to on Saturday from Saltash- St Austell. Then later on to Truro. Then return to Saltash after. Best way to do it? As I am aware of a rule that says you can't break journey on outward portion.
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    Tyne Yard - Doncaster 325 Shuttles

    There are regular shuttles between Doncaster and Tyne Yard using a class 325 at the moment in the middle of the day. They stay at Doncaster for 15-30 minutes then return. Anyone any idea what they are for?
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    Finding walk up fares for Germany

    Hello All, Travelling to Dusseldorf in December. To maximise Christmas Market time my better half wants to go to Cologne too, i agreed as it means taking the train. Just wondering how i find out how much it will cost on the day? I do not want to get any advance fares as i want to be very...
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    New Stations Fund

    Not entirely clear in the articles but the new station fund round two has just been announced and appears to be a new 20 million pound fund for people to bid for. Any early guesses/knowledge on who the likely bidders will be...
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    London Overground Class 172

    Has there been any news on where the 172s will end up after GOBLIN electrification? Not seen any mention at all, simply that the new Class 710 will be replacing them.
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    German Railways 'Product'

    On the DB website when looking at train times, there is a product column. I get they are different trains, but has anyone got a list of what they actually mean? The two i am getting are M and EC. But a list of the rest for furture reference would be useful. My searches on google and...
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    Delay Repay Season Tickets

    Hi, I have searched the forum but to no avail. How does delay repay work for 12 month season tickets? As i commute using Northern and Transpennine and not regularly but at least once a month i am 30 minutes late i am wondering how the process works? Or do you even get compensation on...
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    Caledonian Sleeper as normal service

    Hi guys, assistance please. I wish to catch the train from Spean Bridge into Fort William for the Jacobite, then back out on the sleeper in the evening after food in fort william. In seated can i treat the sleeper as a normal service or do i have to have reservations and book? Just...