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  1. AJP

    West Yorks

  2. AJP

    Saver returns

    Hi I have a saver return in my pocket from Kirk Sandall - Motherwell, I am booked on the 15:04 on Doncaster, do I have to travel on that train or is it valid on any train? Cheers
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    All I can.......

  4. AJP

    What A excuse!

    I was on the 06:20 Off Doncaster to Glasgow central yesterday. outside Newcastle we were stooped in the snow and we then rolled into Newcastle. And the guard said ' I regret to inform passengers that this service will be unable to go forward until we get a rescue locomotive to take us north...
  5. AJP

    Selby Train crash

    Its the 5th annerversary of the Selby train crash:(
  6. AJP

    Heads out on a GNER MK4 Mallard!

    I did heads out at alnmouth yesterday on a mk4 mallard set. How did Ido this? 6M60 dotnt answer :lol:
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    Are pendo being dragged over the S&C on Saturady, any timings? Any freight as well.
  8. AJP

    Unrelieable TOCs

    In your experiance which toc is unrelieable. I think TPE are terrible, They either arrive bang on time or are cancelled :shock: 'We are sorry to announce that 1642 TPE service to Manchester Airport has today been cancelled' :evil: Also The bogs are always out of order. Especally when you...
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    Maps Were can I get a map like this from?
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    From the following which sounds better....
  11. AJP

    Donny FLT? Nice one frightliner now operate to Donny, apprently its 57 hauled :D :D :D
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    Crazy Enthusasts

    Whats the crazyiest thing rail related you have done? Mine was: I was on a Norh East Rover, got up at 7am to get the 0833 Kirk Sandall-Doncaster giving me plenty of time at Doncaster to catch the 0917 or something to Newcastle. I changed there and went to Carlisle. Met the possie:6M60...
  13. AJP

    Cabbed it!

    Have you ever been stood on a platform got chatty with the driver then next thing he lets you cab it. (not including open days) My list so far: 55019 at Newcastle L/E 55022 at Carlisle Railtour A voyager at Edinburgh a steamer at Scarborough Thats all I remember plus loads in the DRS...
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    What company owns these? What services do these run?
  15. AJP

    Hellfire at Donny!

    37417 is working freights in the area! 417 worked the selby cargowagons, but I was yards away at Work :evil: :evil: :evil:
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    60007 IMING TMD D -6D B47 Anyone no what this working is? Im going to get it! Ive been after this for years! Cheers for your Help! 8)
  17. AJP

    Biggest Station?

    What is the Biggest station in the UK? I mean in sense on how many platforms. My first guess would be Edinburgh Waverley with 21 platforms. :D Im properly wrong though :roll:
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    'At major stations please inform the Duty Station Manager of your presence. This will ensure that station staff are aware that you are on the station and they can go about their duties without concern as to your reasons for being there. At smaller stations you should ensure that you advise a...
  19. AJP

    Tesco two Stripe Shed

    Why has 66184 got 2 stripes on it :?:
  20. AJP

    GNER Eurostars no more. (YIPEE)

    After Decembers 11th 1840 Leeds-Kings Cross GNER is withdrawing its 373 eurostars and being replaced by 91's with MK4 coaches. :D :D :D