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  1. AJP

    Car Freight Train on Fire

    37406 apprently collecting the wagons!
  2. AJP

    1S91 crash at Copmanthorpe near York - 1 fatality

    Dont forget 66175 later in the show on coal! :lol: Was it a suicide ?
  3. AJP

    West Yorks

  4. AJP

    Saver returns

    I dont either like to spend a lot either, but at the end of the day I just cant be arsed getting different tickets for like every station. I always get them if I go to Tamworth or Stafford etc.
  5. AJP

    Saver returns

    But I never go to London ;)
  6. AJP

    Saver returns

    Am I? I do use CDR combos occassionaly but they only save around a fiver now and again and I cant be bothered to purchase abot 300 tickets :lol: If I did that to Motherwell I would have to get at least 5 tickets plus I wasnt going back the same day. I usualy DO get advance tickets to Scotland...
  7. AJP

    Best place in the North West?

    Manchester is in the north west ;) I have seen 155's on the blackpool north trains millions of times as well.
  8. AJP

    Saver returns

    A) I never got it, B) I wasnt sure what day I was coming back C) Its not your money ;)
  9. AJP


    I thought the railways around Glasgow were a designed place to walk the dog, I saw 3 between Whifflet and Glasgow Central!
  10. AJP

    Saver returns

    Hi I have a saver return in my pocket from Kirk Sandall - Motherwell, I am booked on the 15:04 on Doncaster, do I have to travel on that train or is it valid on any train? Cheers
  11. AJP

    Virgin Voyager fire

    Glad it was a vomit !
  12. AJP

    Ads to prevent Level X-ing deaths

    Oh yer I no that, I have seen it espeically at Kingsknowe and Kirknewton near Edinburgh, all im saying people will always be hurring and will always be stupid!
  13. AJP

    Ads to prevent Level X-ing deaths

    I personally dont think adverts are nessacery, Its obvisous barriers down train is coming, but unfortunatly there are some idiots out there.
  14. AJP

    Shambles today Classic!
  15. AJP

    All I can.......

    He had nowt to do with trains just a random chav who assulted station staff and legged it.
  16. AJP

    All I can.......

  17. AJP

    What A excuse!

    Proberly but the guard said that
  18. AJP

    What A excuse!

    I was on the 06:20 Off Doncaster to Glasgow central yesterday. outside Newcastle we were stooped in the snow and we then rolled into Newcastle. And the guard said ' I regret to inform passengers that this service will be unable to go forward until we get a rescue locomotive to take us north...
  19. AJP

    Terrible day on the ECML

    Glad its today and tommorow as im going from Donny- Edinburgh
  20. AJP

    Selby Train crash

    Its the 5th annerversary of the Selby train crash:(