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  1. AJP

    oh dear 158 convoy

    Noticed early from bus home from College there was loads of TPE 158's attached together in Donny West Yard. Any ideas? 159 conversions or sending south for the crack?
  2. AJP

    FTPE 170s arrive

    I saw a 159 or well a 158 in SWT trains liverey not sure if renumbered yet in Wabtec the otherday looking ready to leave.
  3. AJP

    Happy 30th Birthday IC 125

    to another 30 years :D
  4. AJP

    Acton-Jarrows Via Scunthorpe

  5. AJP


    Not many people I dont think as it never went to London :lol:
  6. AJP


    Ive seen 1 GB 66 pulling a GNER set, plus it failed at Adwick and was dragged back to Doncaster, Adwick - Doncaster is not far at all! 10 mins max!!
  7. AJP

    Bizzare Saw this at Donny last night when I was returningfrom Manchester! Anyone know what it was doing !! :shock:
  8. AJP

    60s - Worst possible news!

    Its on it again today, no need to worry :D
  9. AJP

    60s - Worst possible news!

    Dont no what was on it but would be working Peak Forest - Selby if thats any use?
  10. AJP

    60s - Worst possible news!

    60044 blue mainline monster :lol: Worked the Bedworth - Port Clarence on Monday but havnt seen tops recently :(
  11. AJP

    60s - Worst possible news!

    60's are superb regardless the liverey imo, but 60059 has to be a favourite! I managed to get it the other night again :D My Lordzzz, How long has this got till it is stored???? No doubt it will be sheds sheds
  12. AJP

    Which units run in Yorkshire?

    185s are on test between Doncaster and Cleethorpes. Sheffield.... 142 144 150 153 156 158 170 220 221 222 Leeds.... 142 144 150 156 158 170 185 220 221 321 333
  13. AJP

    You want clag???

    Hellfire not, Bonfire more like!!
  14. AJP


    :O I suppose, Barntby is hellfire , tugtastic!
  15. AJP


    :lol: Its for the Barnetby veg so they dont have to use binos!
  16. AJP


    Cheers for that
  17. AJP

    Fastline Donny - Grain CAPED!!!

    As if you new that was gunna happen ;) Just your lucky day!
  18. AJP

    Fastline Donny - Grain CAPED!!!

    56301/302 are belived to be double headed, Micheal wrights gen is crap like usual
  19. AJP


    Why do these two tugs have big bold numbers on the front and are there anymore?
  20. AJP

    The possie was out

    Some chavs have tagged 220031 and 144010. 220031 144010 Suppose it beats WYPTE liverley :lol: