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  1. AJP

    Nene Valley Railway

    It was My Lordzz :lol: but couldnt really enjoy it :(
  2. AJP

    Nene Valley Railway

    I agree that foreign stock is diffrent but its frustrating that you get the head out when say you are bashing a 56 :(
  3. AJP

    Nene Valley Railway

    I personally dont recomend this railway from a enthusiasts point of view. I have various reasons why- *They use foreign coaching stock so cant do heads out. * You cant really get any good shots from the stations. It is a great railway for like families etc, but I was disapointed when I...
  4. AJP


    It was a fantastic event!
  5. AJP

    ELR Nutcases

    Exactly! If he slipped, then under train he is liklly to be a goner! Events like these would be cancelled.
  6. AJP

    ELR Nutcases

    Yes!!! :lol:
  7. AJP

    ELR Nutcases

    Surly He would have had a Hi viz jacket on though, soon has he heard it he ran back :wink:
  8. AJP

    ELR Nutcases

    Why did the station announcer say 'Can the member of the public who has just crossed the line please return immetiatly' He walked right infront of the 40 with NO hi Viz so obvisly didnt have permisson :wink:
  9. AJP

    ELR Nutcases

    :lol: Very Funny!
  10. AJP

    ELR Nutcases

    Anyone at the ELR English Electic Day? anyone see- -The man who at about 10mph jumped on the train as the 20's were leaving Bury!!!! And the the guy that walked on to the track in front of D335 at Rawenstall to get a picture Absolute idiots!!
  11. AJP

    ELR English Electric Day 21st Jan

    20 quid day rovers :!: :!: :shock:
  12. AJP

    January 21st English Electric Theme Day All Diesel

    ELR Should be good on January 21st English Electric Theme Day All Diesel. Any one no what will be attending? :?:
  13. AJP


    Well suerly they shold remove it from the list then.
  14. AJP

    55022 Is the 55022 going to happen.