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  1. AJP

    What Aircrafts have flew past your area?

    I get mainly 737's leaving Doncaster Robin Hood, and oxassionaly 757 or 747's. And loads of helicopter mainly the copper chopper.
  2. AJP

    New Video of A380 from Dubai Airshow

    I wouldnt mind that landng at Finningly Doncaster/Sheffield Robin Hood airport. But I still think boeigh 747's look better ;)
  3. AJP

    Rail Replacement!!

    True I have never once been checked on a rail replacement :D
  4. AJP

    Trams,Metro etc

    The OHL clutter city center streets.
  5. AJP

    Trams,Metro etc

    Everyone goes on about sheds being crap etc but no one seems to think trams are. :roll:
  6. AJP

    Trams,Metro etc

    True but there just like quiet buses :?
  7. AJP

    Trams,Metro etc

    These are crap imo who agrees or disagrees.
  8. AJP

    300 mph Glasgow- Edinburgh

    I was at work last night and happened to see the telly during my break and saw the news. It was talking about 300mph monorails. It would take just 15 minutes to get from Glasgow-Edinburgh. Is this true :?