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    "Britrail" for all?

    Off peak day tickets into London from the Network area are currently generally valid for use on services arriving in London Terminals after 10am on weekdays so something similar could apply.
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    Major disruption out of London Kings Cross (28/5)

    Glad I was on the 16:39 Kings Lynn departure, which appears to have been the last service that left Kings Cross.
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    Class 365 withdrawal confirmed [Great Northern]

    I think one went something like this.. “This is a special announcement to assist passengers when boarding and alighting from the train”. (Then it proceeded to tell you how the open the doors) One of the GN drivers used to play that one fairly regularly.
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    Where to buy international rail tickets?

    I found the same - ÖBB charged in Euros and SBB charged in Swiss Francs. The exchange rate difference meant is was cheaper using ÖBB. For booking the ÖBB sleepers to Vienna I had to use the ÖBB site to be able to pick the required cabin type. DB could only book seated reservations. I used...
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    Is hotel availability and high pricing affecting leisure and/or business rail travel?

    A friend who books a lot of hotels for walking groups told me that in popular areas such as the Lake District, many have increased their prices by 20% this summer and have also hiked the single supplement for sole use of a double/twin room.
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    What do you value about First Class on long distance services?

    On longer journeys being able to see out of a whole window in 1st compared to a small section of window next to a pillar in standard class. also if boarding at an intermediate station, the increased likelihood of finding space in 1st in the racks to store a large suitcase.
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    It is the shortest completed test match since World war 2.
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    22nd February - Roadmap out of the pandemic, lifting of restrictions.

    I see that Matt Hancock has said on BBC Breakfast that he wants it to become "social norms" rather than through legislation that people would, for example, chose to wear face masks if they were travelling on public transport. (See the 08:31 entry)
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    A friend of my parents worked at ICL and had a large supply of discarded punch cards at home which he used for shopping lists etc.
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    Pancake day

    I used spelt flour, egg and whole milk for the batter and let it rest in the fridge for 90 minutes. Squeezed half an orange over the cooked pancake and a light sprinkle of cinnamon. No sugar added. The pancakes were pudding for dinner this evening.
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    I have been using WHS recently to get one of the magazines that our local Morrisons no longer stocks. Previously I thin I hadn’t used our local branch for 2-3 years. Though with the current one way system in WHS you have to go past all of the books to return down the magazines aisle. So I did...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Sadly The Jenners store in Edinburgh is closing after 183 years ( currently part of House of Fraser).
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    New lockdown in England, including school closures, announced by Johnson, 4/1/21

    There was an article in the Telegraph yesterday mentioning that the Oxford Vaccine team are currently working on modifying the vaccine to be just as effective against the known variant strains. that modified vaccine will then need to be assessed by the MHRA for approval.
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    New lockdown in England, including school closures, announced by Johnson, 4/1/21

    Report in Nature.
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    Trivia: Adjacent stations starting with adjacent letters

    Ashwell & Morden. And Baldock.
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    Does anyone still use those hand held sprays with a hose that connected to the bathroom taps? I think they were bought from Boots. It Was used for washing hair etc when we only had a bath. If it wasn’t connected to the taps properly or if there was a leak in the hose then it tended to spray...
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    BBC TMS commentary, though they are commentating from 6 locations across the UK as they were not permitted to fly to Sri Lanka.
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    Things that used to be common place in people’s homes

    We have several tea strainers, 2 of which are used daily. We tend to only use loose leaf tea nowadays. 1610633068 My grandparents had a party line. There was a button on top of the phone that had be pressed to claim the line before you could get the dialling tone. I think they got a cheaper...
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    Companies That You Expect to Disappear Soon

    Debenhams permanently closing 6 more stores including the large one on Oxford Street. (Wasn’t the House of Fraser store next door also closing?) I see that the Jaeger brand has been acquired by M&S (though not the stores)
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    Several of the checkout staff in our local Morrisons do use sanitizer between every customer. In the Nationwide building society they now also wipe the keypad and screen of the atm inside the branch after each customer.