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  1. Dreadnought

    Virgin Pendolino, Coach E

    Not completely true as I've been on 9 car pendolinos with reservations in Coach E. Presumably these services would normally be planned for 11 car ones but a 9 car has run on it instead.
  2. Dreadnought

    FGW coffee service takes a downward lurch

    I remember when EMT used to do free drinks on their trains and that was always a 'make your own' cup of water and a sachet/tea bag so fGW are not the first to use this approach.
  3. Dreadnought

    Hastings Diesel Unit

    My one and only tour to date with the Hastings unit in December 2011 did have some problems due to an electrical fault with one of the driving trailers. Ended up with the tour being amended (never got to visit Hastings) and a trip to Tonbridge where the unit went to the yard for 73213 to be...
  4. Dreadnought

    Virgin First Class meals

    The way I read it was that it is cold light bites before Preston and warm light bites (hot) after. The 16:30 to 18:30 departures from Euston all specifically state Evening Meal (hot) before Preston.
  5. Dreadnought

    Class 458/5

    456, 465 and 466 units have always carried the full 6 digit number from introduction way back at the start of the 1990s, so the 'tradition' has been changing for a while.
  6. Dreadnought

    interesting diversions?

    August 2009 I travelled on the 17:30 ATW service from Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe via Warrington Bank Quay due to a blockage at Wilmslow. Train started in P3, reversed just past where Mayfield station is and then proceeded though Piccadilly P13 and Oxford Road P4, both bi-directional running...
  7. Dreadnought

    stored 90s returning to service?

    90016 is owned by Porterbrook and is leased by Freightliner. I thought that EWS swapped 90050 with 90016 as compensation as it was deemed that it was a maintenance issue that caused the fire.
  8. Dreadnought

    All Line Rovers - what would be most important to you?

    No need to go to Inverness anymore as it has left and according to reports is now at Ketton cement works.
  9. Dreadnought

    Neildimmer's photos

    50001 was named Dreadnought.
  10. Dreadnought

    What days does this now run??2025 Willesden Brent Drs to Crewe Coal Sidings (Drs)

    57308 and 47828 were the other locos. First time I have seen a 57/3 working the flasks.
  11. Dreadnought

    London Midland Super Off-Peak returns

    Looks like from September LM have extended this restriction on Saturday Super Off Peak tickets to services on the Birmingham corridor as well as the Trent Valley. So travelling from RUG - WFJ cost me £20.80 for a Super Off Peak return yesterday, from next month its £26 for the Off Peak...
  12. Dreadnought

    221108 different

    From what I can remember 104, 108, 109, 112 & 115 have all been completed whilst 102 has the new valances at one end only!
  13. Dreadnought

    Another class 70 fire

    I doubt it was 70001 as that was parked in Ipswich stabling point yesterday afternoon when I was there. Just checked to confirm and I have seen TOPS lists today that say it is still there.
  14. Dreadnought

    rugby to birmingham new street via coventry

    I once did RUG-BHM via NUN to get the Lifford curve in when XC were diverted that way into BHM back in 2011! :lol:
  15. Dreadnought

    Units unique within their class

    170309 is the only 170 where the coach numbers don't match the unit number after it was renumbered from 170399.
  16. Dreadnought

    Livery lists for LM,XC,EM,NX

    OK, makes sense now, I hadn't realised it had been involved another accident.
  17. Dreadnought

    Livery lists for LM,XC,EM,NX

    156499 returned in Barbie livery after repairs as I saw at Queen Street when in Scotland for the Bo'ness Diesel gala last July.
  18. Dreadnought

    Livery lists for LM,XC,EM,NX

    Thanks, blue certainly seemed very prominent when travelling through Glasgow as well.
  19. Dreadnought

    Livery lists for LM,XC,EM,NX

    I was on the Compass Oban trip yesterday and saw 156492 now painted into the Blue ScotRail livery. Is this the 1st ex First one to be done?
  20. Dreadnought

    FGW HST to Pembroke Dock

    Maybe even 2, especially if the station pub is open, which fortunately it was when I went there in June 2011 :D