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    Season Ticket Changeover

    Have changed my season over a few times over the last few years, with no difficulty, but on the day at a ticket office. I think the quality support executives comments are not wholly correct. The NRCOC says that "you may" change your season over. No conditions are attached to that. As it sounds...
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    LNER New Fares Trial

    Can the machines at Kings Cross issue out and back tickets to Edinburgh in one transaction now, assuming you know your return date, or do you have to buy your return ticket in Edinburgh (which would not be simpler?).
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    What routes are valid within 'London Group' with a Basingstoke to London Terminals season ticket

    Not always the case, though? If you travel Basingstoke - Clapham Junction - Willesden Junction - Euston the first London Terminal you come to is Euston. And as mentioned above it is Willesden as a routing point that prevents that route being valid.
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    What routes are valid within 'London Group' with a Basingstoke to London Terminals season ticket

    Yes, agree the data must be somewhere.....On the other thread we explored Basingstoke - Euston, and the reason it was not valid from Clapham Junction or Richmond via Willesden on a Basingstoke-London season is that Willesden is a routing point. Kind of fair enough, but given the poor quality of...
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    What routes are valid within 'London Group' with a Basingstoke to London Terminals season ticket

    I raised this same question in a thread a while ago, here, and we came to the conclusion that Blackfriars (and therefore City Thameslink but not Farringdon) was valid via London Bridge and also, by virtue of...
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    GWR season ticket renwal discount query

    Not sure I agree, the via Woking ticket is priced by SWT and therefore is under their scheme, but the any permitted ticket is priced by GWR and therefore would come under the GWR scheme? But agree there should have been a list at that time, possibly an FOI would be the only way to get it now...
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    GWR season ticket renwal discount query

    in my case, which I didn't explain fully, the journey was Basingstoke to Paddington and that was advised as being part of the high speed service group, after initially being told Thames Valley. If correct, that implies Reading West also High Speed. How do you 'pre-declare' a journey on a season...
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    GWR season ticket renwal discount query

    I had this debate a while back when renewing a season. Thames Valley was then defined where "Former First Great Western Link" was the fare setter. GWR advised at the time that this was all services London to Oxford and Bedwyn. London to Reading was therefore set by FGWL, and I checked this in...
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    Basingstoke to London Routes

    Thank you both for that...these fastjp links are the relevant journeys. The first one is the most potentially useful...
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    Basingstoke to London Routes

    Thanks for that. But is the requirement not to pass through another routing point over-ridden by the 3 or 5 mile rule? Also is there a map showing all routing points? As in this case it is not straightforward to see if you are passing through one.
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    Basingstoke to London Routes

    I'm trying to work out what routes a Basingstoke to London Terminals Route Any Permitted season is valid by, with a particular interest in South London. I’m not expert at all with the routing guide, but here goes. Basingstoke is a routing point, and all the London terminals referred to below...
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    GWR Compensation / FGW Link

    Although the wording "Former First Great Western Link services" does imply the individual trains, would the deciding factor be which company priced the Worcester - Paddington flow at the time of FGWL? This would be in a fares manual of the time, although it is unlikely anyone has one to hand.....
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    Change of route excess on a season?

    Agreed, Indigo2, I had not used the market fare. Thanks.
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    Change of route excess on a season?

    You could however, do a changeover for your season ticket from via Woking to route any. The base fare for via woking is £124.80 and route any is £128.50, so £3.70 a week or £148 a year more,!fares?orig=BSK&dest=WAT and you could use via the alternative route anytime...
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    Reading to Heathrow (t5)

    I think its quicker getting off at West Drayton (£12.90 Peak Single, 11.30 OP + £1.50 Bus fare using Oyster) and getting the 350 which goes direct to T5 - Hayes & Harlington is the best stop for all other terminals. Journey time on the 350 is about 15mins from W Drayton. If you get on the 350...
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    Waterloo to basingstoke on a Reading - London Terminals season ticket

    If you are doing this regularly, you probably want to swap your season ticket over to be from Basingstoke (route any) as it is the same fare.
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    East Coast website no Gold card in Mixing Deck

    Had emailed them about this, and response today to say it is fixed, which it appears to be.
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    Changes to Annual Gold Card benefits from 2nd January 2015

    Found this leaflet at Cambridge last week. Confirms much of the above but does say that the change will apply to all tickets regardless of date of purchase.
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    Basingstoke - London Season question

    I had a correspondance with SWT and FGW about this last year. The definition in the FGW charter of a ‘Former FGWL Service’ and therefore in the Thames Valley group applies here, as the flow was priced by FGWL. However, FGW now state the flow comes under ‘High Speed’. I challenged this but...
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    Starting short on Caledonian sleeper ticket?

    About 2 years ago I joined this train at Edinburgh, having a berth booked from Helensburgh. No problem, all the doors are opened when the portion arrives, although the attendant was a little suprised.