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    Sinfin oil trains ceased?

    Recently, on one of the railway groups on Facebook, someone mentioned that oil trains to the RR facility at Sinfin had ceased. I checked RTT, and realised that the trains no longer run. As RR needs aviation fuel to test its engines, how are they receiving their oil now....road or pipeline...
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    Nemesis Rail Burton.

    Any locomotives or carriages coming or going? I've noticed a huge crane there today and was wondering if a move of something is imminent? Thank you.
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    Rugby Platform 3

    Any trains scheduled to use it? I've seen light locos there but never anything else. Does the 0516 to Euston use it? Thanks in advance.
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    Delays on the Trent Valley 12th November

    Just a quickie, what was the reason for the delays today? All I can find is 'investigating a problem'.
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    Pendolino couplers on display

    Just been observing trains at LTV. 6 Pendolinos passed whilst I was there. All had the coupling cover retracted with the coupling gear on display. Is this unusual?
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    Freight/Engineers trains on Merseyrail

    As the title suggests, is there any freight workings on the Wirral/Northern lines? I know of the line at Ellesmere Port to Manisty Wharf but was wondering if there's anything else on the network? Thanks in advance.
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    Two reference numbers for one booking

    I purchased tickets from the XC website for a couple of XC journeys, nothing spectacular, just an advance from Burton to Tamworth, and an anytime day single for the return a week later. Both tickets bought at the same time. Got the confirmation email. Went to the station to collect the tickets...
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    Class 458 Juniper railtour

    As above.
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    EMT General Purpose Relief.

    Internal applications only. This post is based at Burton-On-Trent, but it requires you to work at other EMT stations, including Kidsgrove, which is miles away. Are there other examples where TOCs expect staff to cover huge distances driving...
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    Grand Central Qualified Driver Job

    As above. Closing date, 31st January.
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    Seat reservations on Scotrail

    I had a great time last year travelling the lines to Kyle, Wick, Inverness and Aberdeen. This year I am planning to do the following. I will be travelling the 2nd week of September. Day 1 1037 Glasgow to Oban and 1441 return. Day 2 0938 Glasgow to Stranraer then the 1250 return. 1612...
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    SRPS Coaching Stock

    I have just booked myself a seat on the SRPS railtour to Stranraer. I have never travelled with them before, but I know they use a set of Maroon Mk1/2s. I am travelling 1st class, will that be in a Mk1? Is the seating arranged as 2+2 or 2+1 in first class? Any pictures? Thank you in advance!
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    Trent Valley slow lines

    On the slow lines between Nuneaton and Stafford, what are the max speed limits? Sometimes on LM the train trundles along, or so it seems.
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    Travelling between London and Haarlem

    Hi everyone, I need to make a trip from London to Haarlem. I am principally going to collect something very fragile and expensive, so don't want to risk it being damaged in transit. If the missus comes, I suppose we could have maybe a mini break. What are the options in terms of routes? I am...
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    Class 378 at Euston Platform 18

    I saw a Class 378 this morning in platform 18 at Euston, locked out of use. Is this a rare or common occurrence? I have only ever seen Virgin Voyagers in P18 up until now. Thanks for any replies.
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    Exploring the Highlands

    After many years dreaming about it , I have finally taken the plunge and will soon fulfil my ambition of travelling the lines to Wick/Thurso/Kyle and Aberdeen from Inverness. I will be travelling mid April. I have purchased the Highland Rover ticket. I will reach Inverness via the Highland...
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    Virgin Train Manager

    Vacancies at Euston, apply before 23rd January. Anyone know how many jobs are on offer? Is it easy to transfer between work locations? Thanks in advance, best of luck to those who apply.
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    Station featured in Porridge film Would be happy if someone could identify the station. Thanks in advance.
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    EMT Senior Conductor Nottingham

    EMT are currently recruiting for Senior Conductors at Nottingham. Can anyone in the know let me know a bit more about the role. Routes, traction, availability of overtime, rosters. Are EMT a good employer to work for? As to the selection, is it tests, interview and a medical? Thanks in...
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    NR Class 950

    I saw the unit today at Bletchley, it was in the Bedford platform. Anyone know where else it went. Thanks in advance.