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  1. Metroman62

    Kings Cross Old Departure Board

    Strange request perhaps, but has anyone got any pictures of the old departure board at Kings Cross that was in the 1970s concourse building that has been replaced by the new concourse? Thanks
  2. Metroman62

    Incident at Chalfont & Latimer (21/06)

    The BBC London Transport correspondents is reporting a Chiltern service took a wrong signal at Chalfont and Latimer on the Metropolitan line and came very close to a Met line train. This seems rather worrying.
  3. Metroman62

    3 Spies Junction? Coventry - Nuneaton Line

    I went to school in the Coventry area in the 1970s. We would sometimes go and see what was happening at the sidings at what I think was called 3 Spies Junction. This is where the line from the Kersley Coal Mine joined the Coventry to Nuneaton line. The line went from there over a level crossing...
  4. Metroman62

    Long Walks at High Wycombe Station

    Wycombe station is built on a stagger, so if you want to go from the main entrance to platform 3 for faster trains to London, it's quite a walk to the end of platform 2, then over the bridge to platform 3. But it also can be a long walk to a London bound train on platform 1 as if it is a short...
  5. Metroman62

    West Midlands 153 and 170

    Today, March 29, I caught the 16:35 from Kidderminster to Dorrigde. I was surprised to see the third carriage was a class 153, a separate unit. When I got of at Smethwick G Bridge I am pretty sure the front unit was a 170. I travel to and from Kidderminster about once every 2 weeks and...
  6. Metroman62

    Can rescue locomotives push the trains they're rescuing?

    On 10 October, at around 2pm, I believe I saw a red class 67 on the "London" end of an LNER train in platform 6 at Leeds. i believe 91105 was at the buffers and the class 67 was attached to the dvt at the other end. If what I saw was correct, I was puzzled by the composition of the train. If...
  7. Metroman62

    Grand Central 180 Numbers

    I am sure there is a simple answer to this, but it is not obvious to me! On the Grand Central class 180s, where in them is their actual number? I pass them at Kings X and can never see the 180nnn anywhere!
  8. Metroman62

    Blue UFO Train

    According to a report in the Bucks Free press newspaper, strange blue lights seen in the sky the other evening over parts of Oxfordshire and Bucks were cashed by a train shining a blue light from its roof. Any ideas what this train was? Article link...
  9. Metroman62

    Stourbridge Junction Slow Approach

    For the past 9 months I have had to travel quite a few times to Kidderminster from Birmingham Snow Hill. I have noticed on approaching Stourbridge Junction from Birmingham (and going the other way) the trains runs very slowly approaching the points. I think I have spotted some speed...
  10. Metroman62

    STP schedule UID O45097, identity 2M72 Camden Rd to Wils Junction

    On certain mornings a train calls at West Hampstead at 08:38 on route to Willesden Junction Low Level. It is a 2 car class 172 set as used on the GOBLIN. When the GOBLIN was open, it ran almost everyday, but since the GOBLIN has been closed it appeared not to run. But over the past month or...
  11. Metroman62

    Arriva Bus Caught Fire 20 July in Hazlemere

    It seems an Arriva bus caught fire yesterday (20 July) The report says I hope everyone was OK, I think it was a service 1 (Chesham / High Wycome) When a bus catchs fire, they do seem to go up in a...
  12. Metroman62

    Bus Jacknifes and Blocks Road near Great Missenden (11/03)

    Story from local papers One headline reports a bus jackknifed, I was not aware this could happen? I wonder what really happened.
  13. Metroman62

    Control of Multiple Engines

    As I am not very technically minded, I was wondering how multiple engines on trains are controlled to ensure they are all providing power and not being dragged or pshed by another. What I mean by this is when a train is being doubled headed by locomotives, or the various different engines on a...
  14. Metroman62

    Kings Cross Wires

    I came across the attached snap from i think the late 1970s. I think it is showing the wiring of the overhead system being put in at Kings Cross. I remember at the time watching trains with men standing on the roof!
  15. Metroman62

    Telegraph Poles

    Not a great picture, but I think once this type of telegraph pole was seen a lot at the side of railway lines. Are there many left around the country? This one is the only one I have spotted and is between Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer on the Metropolitan Line
  16. Metroman62

    Centrebus in Leeds

    When I go to Leeds, I get the impression there are more orange Centrebus services being run, but they seem to be the less popular evening routes, or is that just my perception. Are Centrebus taking over routes from First?
  17. Metroman62

    Train cancelled Following Overshoot

    Some friends of mine were traveling from Llandudno to Manchester operated by Arriva last week. When they got to chester they had to get off as they were told the train was now cancelled and out of service as the driver had over shot a station. they had to get a stopping service for the rest of...
  18. Metroman62

    Anything to Do at Newark Northgate?

    I will need to spend about an hour next Sunday at Newark Northgate waiting for a connection. I have separate tickets for both trains, so can leave the station. Does anyone know if there is anything interesting close to the station, such as a nice pub or something interesting to visit?
  19. Metroman62

    Viaduct Over kirkstall Road Leeds

    Can anyone tell me what the line is that goes over the viaduct that crosses kirkstall Road in Leeds? I think I once saw a train on it and am curious as to where it goes to. Thanks