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    Trivia - Largest towns served by just one TOC

    Belfast only has NIR, unless you count the jointly-run Enterprise as being a different TOC.
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    Trivia: Stations with the same name in other countries

    New England is your friend for this. I can see: Andover Reading Gloucester Beverly Belmont Lincoln Shirley Mansfield Newmarket Braintree Bridgewater Halifax Kingston Plymouth Ipswich And several that don't...
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    Have you ever been mistaken for rail staff, or helped those less familiar with the network?

    Back in the old Thameslink days, I used to work near Moorgate, and had a habit of having to go into work after an overnight flight into Gatwick. So I'd hop off at Farringdon, and there was often a Moorgate train on the opposite platform, so I'd take that, rather than cram into the...
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    Have you ever been mistaken for rail staff, or helped those less familiar with the network?

    Loophole is probably the wrong term. Referring to the fact that London Terminals tickets into King's Cross are equally valid to Old Street and Moorgate, both via Finsbury Park and on the Tube from KXSP. Have met loads of people who always pay for travelcards, but they're only going to Moorgate.
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    Have you ever been mistaken for rail staff, or helped those less familiar with the network?

    Slight diversion, but I used to do a lot of IT subcontract work, in all sorts of places - you'd have the standard dress of no jacket and no tie. I spent a while in a couple of large hospitals (doing some pretty cool IT stuff, and having some scary moments in live operating theatres), but...
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    Trivia - Stations named after people

    Chandler's Ford was named after Raymond Chandler's Capri. Maryport was named after Mary Portas, Queen of Shops. Appleby was named after Kim Appleby, of Mel and Kim fame. Partick was named after local character "dyslexic Paddy". Durham was named as a homage to Henry Mancini, composer of the Pink...
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    Compulsory Reservations- Poll

    What about Japanese style? Have dedicated reserved and unreserved carriages, with the number of each varying according to expected passenger flow. Make sure seats can be booked at any time up to boarding (which is easier with fully reserved carriages, as you're never turfing anyone out of...
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    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    One of my oddest ones, when living near Tooting, was falling asleep on the Northern Line after getting on at Moorgate after work, and waking up again at Moorgate going in the opposite direction!
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    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    Commuting on WAGN/FCC/whatever for many years, you used to frequently get people for Finsbury Park on the first-stop-Biggleswade evening expresses. Quite often, they'd ask someone, and then insist that it did actually stop at Finsbury Park, despite the sign - "they" just didn't want you to use...
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    Really strange PIS pronunciations

    On the 317s, the PIS always used to announce "Arr-less-see". Mind you, the number of people who think it's "Ars-lee" anyway...
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    Weirdest Rail Rolling Stock and Infrastructure

    Thankyou! I've been looking for that for ages!
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    Your involvement in accidents in different modes of transport?

    Pedestrian: 0. Bike: 2 - was cycling along a fjordside cycle path in Oslo, on a borrowed bike. The handlebars came off in my hand at speed. Thought I'd regained balance, but then hit a drain and went head over heels. Nothing bar a bit of road rash, thankfully. The other time was quite nasty...
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Oh, definitely. So count the line from London Bridge to Charing Cross in this one!
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Dundee's got quite an approach, too. Just ask William Topaz McGonagall. (North Queensferry also, if you count that as major...)
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    Most exhilarating station approach

    Newcastle, from the King Edward Bridge, surely has to be a contender.
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    Cambridgeshire CAM consultation

    Yes, but I haven't seen it :) I have had the pleasure of driving through one of the 'big dig' tunnels towards the airport, though. That was an odd experience. Longer, more winding tunnels than even Brussels!
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    Cambridgeshire CAM consultation

    Oddly enough, the only other place I've seen a similar scheme is in Cambridge, Massachusetts!
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    Commuter Ferries

    I recently experienced the Tilbury-Gravesend ferry. It's definitely an experience in faded grandeur. You can peer into the derelict terminal at Tilbury - it's quite a sorry sight now. The landing at Gravesend does give the best possible approach to the town, though (even if the pier is mostly...
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    Nexus Metro & Merseyrail: What is the difference?

    When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical. Oh no, my mistake, sorry.
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    Thanks goodness for retention tanks, eh? Don't think there's been an announcement for "Sapsed" (Sawbridgeworth) in quite a few years, either...