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  1. D841 Roebuck

    Roebucking Revisited (trip reports)

    I had rather a good day out. It started with 195126 on the 08:35 from Rochdale to Hebden Bridge, for a coffee in the sun from the excellent cafe at the station. 20 minutes later, 158757 took me forwards on the 09:15 Hebden Bridge to Leeds (via Brighouse). I normally plan to avoid changing...
  2. D841 Roebuck

    Roebuck Redux - The Idle Wanderings of an Idle Fellow...

    Its been that long since I've posted anything that my trip report thread has been locked. So here's a new one in anticipation. It's now Thursday lunchtime, and Saturday has been pencilled in for a day out. The question is to where! I've been surfing the net for possibilities, and four come to...
  3. D841 Roebuck

    Shack Attack 2016 (The Hammerhead Strikes Back)

    Can't quite believe that no-one has started this year's thread yet. (Mods - or Rockers if it's your night for wearing leather - please shift/merge as necessary if this duplicates anything or is in the wring place). Anyway, today's haul (1/1/16), in order of visitation: Reddish North...
  4. D841 Roebuck

    Trivia: Circumnavigation (Loopage gone Large)

    I've just read a thread started by 185143 of this parish, regarding a potential Leeds-Carlisle-Barrow-Carnforth-Leeds trip. 《Mods/someone not posting from a phone feel free to post link》 This got me thinking about circumnavigating cities or stations WITHOUT visiting or passing through the...
  5. D841 Roebuck

    Rambling Roebuck... (Trip Reports)

    As I had an unplanned day out yesterday, I may as well follow the trend on here of starting a thread to keep my trip reports in one place. 14 November 2014 - the Wythenshawe Whirligig I woke up yesterday at 8am with a lack of available suitable food (pickled onion monster munch do not make a...
  6. D841 Roebuck

    4 in 8 North East Rover plan.

    I'm off to Northumberland for Christmas. Will probably do a 4-in-8 NE Rover as the flexibility is worth the extra dosh over and above a return fare. I've had a dabble on Real Train Times and I think I can clear the remaining "Psullage" within the Rovet boundaries enroute. Outward...
  7. D841 Roebuck

    Alr 2010

    I've rediscovered my notebook for this trip, so may as well do a very belated write up! The idea for the ALR was to cover a few diesel galas, scratch some track in, cover loco hauled workings on NR and generally enjoy myself. Day 1 - Sunday 19/9/10. No early trains from Castleton, so got a...
  8. D841 Roebuck

    WAGging after work - Thursday 29th August.

    A combination of circumstances led to this trip: - a new job, so a bit of money to spare - being paid from said job - 67001/2/3 all being required for haulage - The WAG express being diverted via Crewe for a few days - A red pen threatening to leak ink! So that Thursday I finished work...
  9. D841 Roebuck

    Round the coast...

    I may never do this, but researching it was fun... I've spent some time looking out a circular route around the coast of Britain, using public transport (train/tram/bus/ferry) and trying to backtrack as little as possible. Version 1 puts the coasts from Kyle of Lochalsh to Thurso and...
  10. D841 Roebuck

    Terry Pratchett - "Raising Steam"

    Just been announced that #40 in the Discworld series will have a railway theme... Looking forward to this :)
  11. D841 Roebuck

    Crewe to Milton Keynes Super Off Peak Return

    Are there any experts there who can help me with a query on the validity of this ticket? It looks excellent value at £21, but will it do what I want? I'm considering combining this ticket with a couple of Southern Daysaver tickets in order to visit the Spa Valley Gala and scratch off some...
  12. D841 Roebuck

    Go East Young Man - a bash from March 2008.

    March 2008, the days are getting longer, Spring is in the air. Time for a bash then! Looking through the interweb, there is a Diesel Gala at the MNR, a railtour (The Choppington Changer) doing some nice freighty bits of track, and cheapish Travelodges availble at Ely and Norwich. So the...
  13. D841 Roebuck

    Greater Manchester Day/Evening Ranger query.

    The 20:08 from Barrow to Manchester is booked to run (SSuX) via Golborne. Would a GM Ranger or Evening Ranger be valid on this service from Wigan NW to Manchester?
  14. D841 Roebuck

    Hebden Bridge to York - permitted routes?

    I'm thinking ahead to the NRM's gronkfest in March. Cheapest route Rochdale to York involves splitting at Hebden Bridge. CDR from HBD to YRK is route "any permitted". Can any of you clever folk with maps and routing guides advise just what liberties are permitted by this description? I...
  15. D841 Roebuck

    Thames Branches Day Ranger

    I note that there are no timing restrictions on this ticket at weekends. Would it therefore be valid on the up Penzance to London sleeper (in the seated accomodation) from Reading to Paddington at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning? Thanks.
  16. D841 Roebuck

    Red Pen 2013

    For those that way inclined, here's the thread where you can record this year's winning locos, units and trams - those you have ridden in, on or behind for the first time. *********** 1/1/13 - a GM Rail Ranger produced Centro exiles 150103/111/114/132 plus pendy 390050.
  17. D841 Roebuck

    West Midlands Day Ranger, 18/12/2012

    It had been a while since I'd had a play out, so I decided to head south in search of new track, new shacks and a bit of loco haulage. I arrived at Rochdale in time for the 0717 to Manchester, but let this go as it was a completely wedged 142. The following 0730 service was a five car 144...
  18. D841 Roebuck

    A trip to Barry Island - 2 August 1981

    This was a Sunday ADEX from Manchester Piccadilly. Motive power was 47015 throughout. As I recall, it was an extremely hot day, so Woodham's scrapyard was flagged in favour of the beach. Locos seen were...
  19. D841 Roebuck

    Manchester to Nottingham via Transpeak bus query

    OHopefully a simple one. Is the over 65 pass valid for free travel on these? Potential passenger is a resident of Greater Manchester, if this helps...
  20. D841 Roebuck

    Rochdale to Loughborough

    Hello there. I'm contemplating a trip to the GCR at Loughborough, and looking for the cheapest means of doing so. I'll be going on a Saturday, starting as early as possible and coming back in a leisurely manner. The cheapest way I've found is using a peak wayfarer ticket from Rochdale to...