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  1. Dave A

    National Rail Games Train Tickets

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the National Rail Games Travel website is allowed to make this statement under the NRCoC and will it be enforced? I ask because quite a few journeys I've checked on seem to be cheaper than or the TOC's own website...
  2. Dave A

    Break of journey > PAD - RDG - BRI

    Hi all, a little help if you can please? Next week, I'm planning on doing a journey to Bristol Temple Meads (BRI) from Paddington (PAD), but need to stop off in Reading (RDG) for a couple of hours first. Looking at Advance fares, it looks like it will be cheaper, but I understand a "Break...
  3. Dave A

    YP Oyster Railcard Early Off Peak Fares

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me. I used my 16-25 Railcard Oyster Card this morning to make my journey from New Southgate (NSG), to Victoria (VIC). I got on the 06:22 train, so 'touched in' at around 06:18. The journey cost me £2.45 (which is correct for a standard "off-peak"...
  4. Dave A

    Doctor Who Movie

    Quite surprised no-ones posted this, seeing as I remember there to be quite a few Doctor fans on here... So what are ones thoughts? My opinion is that; If it goes any way like Torchwood did once...
  5. Dave A

    Southern Victoria PFA

    Hi all. After the horrible setback of failing the Trainee Train Drivers FGW Interview, I found out today I will be starting on the Platforms at Victoria with Southern in December. I'd thought I would see if anyone on here already works there or has any useful advice? :) P.S. Just FYI...
  6. Dave A

    Bristol Temple Meads - Walton-On-The-Naze

    Hi all. Another (big) one for you. Was looking at tickets from Bristol Temple Meads (BRI) - Walton-On-The-Naze (WON), going on the 25th, returning the 28th Nov. This will be routed via London Liverpool St. (LST) & London Paddington (PAD). However, there will be a stop off in London on the...
  7. Dave A

    Tube "Delays" Redefined

    Video: BBC - Tube Delays Redefined What do we think? I personally don't think it makes a difference to anyone but the managers who get performance related pay/bonuses. I've been on peak tube services that take 4 times as long to do one station, yet "Good Service" has been displayed. Other...
  8. Dave A

    London - Folkestone Central

    Hi all. I'm trying to figure out the Cheapest route to FKC (Folkestone Central) from any London Station (inc. SE High Speed) on Thursday. My starting station will be NSG (New Southgate), but I wasn't going to include this in the search due to varying conditions. I will be travelling...
  9. Dave A

    Where does it go?

    Hi all! Hopefully one of those in the know could help me with this little query. On one of my (many) journey's between BRI (Bristol Temple Meads) - PAD (London Paddington), today I noticed there was a separate service that goes to Swindon (calling at Bath & Chippenham), with the PAD service...
  10. Dave A

    1973 Refurb for BVE4

    Evening all. The 73 refurbished tube stock for BVE4 can now be downloaded form The London Tube. There is also an 8bit optional download available for those of you who get blue/blank screens. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to tell. Enjoy. :) David (UD)
  11. Dave A

    Southern Job Application Process

    Hello all. Long time no post. Hope your all well. :) I'm back just to browse really, but wondered if anyone knew how the application process for a job at Southern works? I applied for a ticket office position at Victoria. They passed me through to the assessment stage, which I then passed...
  12. Dave A


    Hi all. Thought I'd start a new one, as I can't seem to find the old one. Although please delete this if I have overlooked it. :) Name: David Age: 18 Lives: London Job: Heathrow Express CSR or London Underground CSA. Waiting to see who I start with first as both are useless with paperwork...
  13. Dave A

    Trainz 2004/PE or MSTS

  14. Dave A

    Another graphics problem

    Ok, I have a strange feeling that the answer will have been staring me in the face the whole time, but sadly I can't seem to find it :( Everytime and every route I start BVE in, ends up like this: Its gets a maximum of 6.8FPS, and a minimum of 0.0FPS (SERIOUSLY!!) I have a P4 3.2Ghz, 1GB...
  15. Dave A

    New Camera

    Morning all. After working hard over the last month, which means lots of money, I've decided that I would like to buy a new camera. Looking at the photography section, this is clearly the place to ask about them, so I'm asking for your help. :) My budget is about £150, as that leaves room...
  16. Dave A

    Piccadilly Line/Must have routes

    Hi all. I now have MSTS and was wondering what people think are the "must have" addons? Thanks, David :) (P.S. Piccadilly Line problem sorted)
  17. Dave A


    Does anyone remember that series of The Tube with Miranda, the girl who went through the red light on the District, and really acted like she couldn't give a ****! Well, I had the honour of meeting her today. Amazingly, she's still working on the district and whats even more amazing is the...
  18. Dave A

    Virtual BvE networK

    As some of you may know, and most of you may not know, I was re-creating a virtual toc for BVE. So much work has been done over the last month, but sadly I now have other full-time commitments. The last thing I want to do, is completely shut it down. I am looking for someone to take it over...
  19. Dave A

    Royal Mail gets £1.75bn package Add this to the amount of money and the value of items "lost" in the post everyday, and they must be rolling in it! :eek: :p :lol:
  20. Dave A

    Plane or Missile

    *WARNING* Conspiricy theory *WARNING* The US has finally released a video showing the moment a "plane" hit the Pentagon on 11/9. Story here: I've watched the video, which can be found on that page, and I can't see that tiny little...