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  1. brompton rail

    Virgin Trains East Coast current timetables

    Having just gone to the VTEC website for a copy of the timetable, I find the clock has stopped for VTEC in May! See if you get May to December 2017 timetables because I didn't. Using an iPad.
  2. brompton rail

    Summer 2016 timetables

    Cross Country' Summer timetables are now on their website
  3. brompton rail


    It seems as though the website is down. Stated reason is because domain name expired yesterday, 11/01/14. Anyone know more? If it has gone this will be a great loss.
  4. brompton rail

    Winter timetable now out! Winter timetable from Network Rail.
  5. brompton rail

    Where will the 180s go now?

    East Coast have today said the KX to Lincoln service planned for next May's "Eureka" timetable won't happen replaced by 4 KX - Newark services using existing stock. They are not taking the 180s. See here
  6. brompton rail

    Eureka - East Coast t/t Consultation

    East Coast have placed the current proposals for the "Clockface" May 2011 timetable on their website and are asking for responses. Living in Doncaster I am pleased with the half hourly KX - DON - LDS service and the 2 hourly KX - DON - YRK...