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  1. the sniper

    Saltley firemen needed to have their Weetabix.

    Thanks for that. Indeed. Sad to see what became of the place. Still plenty of ex-Saltley men about in various places, though few go so far and wide nowadays!
  2. the sniper

    Saltley firemen needed to have their Weetabix.

    Crikey, they really did go everywhere! How long would that have taken? Decent earner I guess, with that millage and lodging?
  3. the sniper

    Foreshortened Termini

    Redditch moved three times: Railways - Stations.htm?LMCL=ltUWOS Last was a classic BR shortening job in the 70s for the bus station/shopping centre.
  4. the sniper

    Remains of old Curzon Street Engine House unearthed in Birmingham

    Nice overlay. The demolition date answer is in your own post on the Warwickshire railways site, it was done in or around 1859. Having lost its passenger services Curzon Street needed expanding to handle more goods, the round house was in the way. It was also seemingly unable to cope with the...
  5. the sniper

    Did this stock ever exist or is it computer generated?

    Computer generated graphics weren't that good in 1982! ;)
  6. the sniper

    BR All Year Rover

    This thread must have stirred some interest somewhere, as the Rail Deliver Group have recently put out a familiarisation retail brief about the existence of an 'All Line Rail Pass', valid for 12 months of unlimited travel. It's apparently only issued to 'clients of [RDG]'. There are currently...
  7. the sniper

    How many platforms did Burton on Trent have at its peak?

    I don't know if anyone will know the answer to this, but when the station was rebuilt in early 70s, was it deliberately designed to leave space for two bay platforms at the south end or did they just not bother to fill the gap between the platforms? I appreciate that neither the Leicester or...
  8. the sniper

    TMD's / Stabling Points Next To Stations

    Bescot TMD is right next to the station. I'm guessing it's now closed, as though I haven't seen it mentioned, it currently seems to be in the process of being knocked down...
  9. the sniper

    InterCity Voyager

    Many thanks for that! :)
  10. the sniper

    InterCity Voyager

    Thanks for all the info sprinterguy, as I'd never even heard of this before this thread (so thanks to Jeremy too)! Does anyone know if a layout plan exists online for the Trailer Standard Conductor Disabled?
  11. the sniper

    Wartime Branch lines.

    The Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway under the ownership of the GWR, was well used during WW2. There are some details on the Wikipedia page. Christian Wolmar had a book out called 'Engines of War' which was about railways being used in many wars, but this wasn't WW2 specific so may be...