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    Trivia: No train service between two adjacent stations on a through route

    Chislehurst and St. Mary Cray Bedhampton and Cosham St James Park to Pinhoe Blackfriars to Cannon Street Waterloo East to Cannon Street
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    Trivia - timetable padding

    I agree that this train was timed to wait for to pass trains at Tywyn and Harlech- crossing points on a single line
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    Diversions to alternative London terminals

    Mentioning Kings Cross reminded me that when the GN suburban lines were electrified in November 1976 many of the suburban services were diverted to/from Moorgate (via Drayton Park). The peak hour services between Broad Street and GN suburban services via Canonbury spur were also diverted to...
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    Railway timetable for level crossing

    Despite the three locations that were given I located Bruern Crossing as being about midway between Shipton and Kingham stations or approx 1.5 miles from each. By examining a timetable with Kingham station and adding approx 2 minutes for trains towards London and minus 2 minutes for trains from...
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    Diversions to alternative London terminals

    When Broad Street station closed services were diverted to Liverpool Street via the Graham Road curve. I will also agree with earlier correspondence that there many standard diversions of combinations between Victoria, Blackfriars, Charing Cross, Cannon Street, London Bridge from both South...
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    Trivia: Current services where the train reverses ends, mid-journey.

    Inverness to Wick trains reverse at both Georgemas Junction and Thurso.
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    Trivia: Current services where the train reverses ends, mid-journey.

    Victoria- Hastings and Brighton-Hastings services reverse at Eastbourne. Services on the West Sussex Coastway line used to reverse at Littlehampton- perhaps others can confirm. Birmingham- Aberystwyth/Pwhelli services reverse at Shrewsbury Swansea- Milford Haven/Fishguard/Pembroke services...
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    Trivia: Stations at which services go to the same destination from different platforms

    If you mean is as follows- Hampden Park station in Sussex. A train from London (or Brighton) stops at the down platform then goes to Eastbourne, reverses then calls at the up platform before going towards Hastings.
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    Have you been on your closest infrequent/parliamentary rail service?

    Suggest this ..
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    Have you been on your closest infrequent/parliamentary rail service?

    My last "parliamentary service" was over the Leigham Junction to Tulse Hill spur in South London. I travelled over it a couple of years ago on the then one daytime passenger service per day which ran between Streatham Hill and London Bridge. The spur is used by a number of ECS movements. I...
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    The West London line

    I agree .... On Mondays to Fridays peak hours only until the mid 1980s there were only two trains in the morning and two in the evening. No passenger trains north of Olympia except the Motorail or excursions. With the frequency of trains we have now along the line and new stations built since...
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    Point Pleasant Junction

    There are many members on this forum who live next to a railway with a train service during the night. They do not complain because when they moved there they accepted that the railway was there and trains would run.
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    Timetable complaint - to Network Rail?

    As a former timetable planner I have also chuckled at this one. Seen it before and filed in the category of.. "Why can't the timetable be altered to suit me?" signed Disgusted of xxxxxx
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    Redhill to Tonbridge line DOO services.

    It is my impression that the Redhill to Tonbridge line is NOT yet authorised for DOO working. It will require installation of CCTV cameras at each station for drivers to see the platforms although at each intermediate station the platforms are straight. As all intermediate stations are unmanned...
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    Trivia: Railway Stations that are next to each other but have no direct services?

    Do Bedhampton and Cosham have any direct trains. The Coastway trains used to run non-stop between Havant and Cosham/Fareham but unsure if they still do..? It appears that Redbridge and Totton do not appear to have direct train services between the two stations but I am open for correction...
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    Trivia: Railway Stations that are next to each other but have no direct services?

    Shippea Hill to Lakenheath --- old post above --- --- new post below --- also Brixton- Elephant & Castle Reason... there are no platforms at Brixton on the Catford Loop Line
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    Trivia: Shortest terminating service from a London Terminal

    Waterloo to the Bank..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tonbridge Yard West Closing GBRF

    The yard is always busy so where would the services go.! At 1020 this morning in the yard were one class 66 plus 5 X 73s plus several rows of engineering wagons.