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  1. the sniper

    How do you feel about rail staff travel

    Personally, I see access to FIP Coupons as the real privilege. Using the Coupons, travelling across Germany on an ICE, on some obscure narrow gauge rack railway in Switzerland, hopping on and off suburban SNCB loco hauled services to get around Brussels or taking an SNCF RER service to some...
  2. the sniper

    Through fares to heritage railways

    Working for a TOC I didn't have anything to scan tickets on phones, we just looked at them!
  3. the sniper

    No opportunity to buy tickets on Northern Rail service from Rose Hill Marple to Manchester

    I hope you cry like an ashamed Japanese politician too? Next time this happens please report to RailUK first. Your excuse can then be logged and assessed by the forum on train staff monitoring team. It can then be decided whether your claim has any validity and your suggested demotion to OBS...
  4. the sniper

    Question Regarding Dom on the Spot

    You've obviously never heard of what the Revenue used to get up to in BR and early TOC days from the people who actually did the job! Unless you're referring to the amount of time they spent in random Cafes, Pubs and Cinemas, where they probably did show "common sense and empathy". :lol...
  5. the sniper

    Problems using a Britrail pass on London Overground (denied travel)

    I appreciate this is old news, but that is unbelievable... I'll say this for TfL/LO, that they've managed to brainwash their entire operation with this branding crap that they're not part of National Rail is quite impressive. I can't think of any other TOC that has managed to get staff so...
  6. the sniper

    Can ticket examiners arrest you?

    Maybe I've misunderstood you, but every offence is essentially 'arrestable' now by a police officer under S.24 of PACE, post SOCPA 2005. The concept of specific 'arrestable offences' ended with SOCPA 2005. S.25 of PACE was also repealed by SOCPA 2005.
  7. the sniper

    Allowed on last train for free

    I can see why you'd say that, but honestly, I've known on train cleaners and drivers that were far more interested in revenue protection than any BTP officer I've ever known... Most BTP will only get involved in tickets when pushed or when there's an aggravating factor.
  8. the sniper

    Scotland independence and priv travel

    Most of us non-protected priv holders would probably benefit, as if they leave they could join the more generous FIP scheme instead...
  9. the sniper

    Trial of of paper receipts for tickets issued on board the train

    You've got to love this industry's attitude to retail training... P*ss poor as usual. While I'm further south, we haven't been told or shown anything about this new ticket stock by my TOC. :roll:
  10. the sniper

    Priv fares

    Wrong on this too... You're thinking about boxes. TOC new entrants normally get both a Staff Travel Pass and a TOC Priv Travel Card, the latter entitles you to the 75% off but doesn't feature any boxes.
  11. the sniper

    Fare dodging

    Par for the course. Hopefully one day BTP will realise that fare evasion is their problem too and tacking it would help solve a lot of wider issues. I'm all for more barriers though.
  12. the sniper

    What is a railway for the purposes of Regulation of Railways Act?

    You don't have to go to the railway archives site and open PDFs, you can find them on the site, both in original and revised form. Here's Railway Regulation Act 1842: RRA 1868 here for example...
  13. the sniper

    Two questions about staff authorising ticketless travel

    Looks like water to me. :wink:
  14. the sniper

    Two questions about staff authorising ticketless travel

    What do you mean? He's competent in many grades... Cleaner First Class host Driver Guard So to answer the OP, obviously yes he can.
  15. the sniper

    "Show me your tickets or else I'll put the train in the sidings"

    PA call obviously designed to shake up whoever it was that didn't show their ticket. Most probably intended as a joke for all the rest of the passenger. Inappropriate for the ears of delicate flowers/easily confused.
  16. the sniper

    Travelling in Ireland and Northern Ireland

    I answered that on the previous page. :wink:
  17. the sniper

    Travelling in Ireland and Northern Ireland

    NIR and CIE Coupons carry no restrictions. So yes, free and unlimited. According to the ATOC advice document only Safeguarded holders of a Staff Travel Card can get discounted fares, but obviously you could use you FIP card for this.
  18. the sniper

    Travelling in Ireland and Northern Ireland

    Are you overlooking FIP or don't you qualify for it yet...?
  19. the sniper

    Any fares left under a pound?

    It's not massively unusual tbh, what with people who live on that side of Lichfield and Streethay near LTV catching the train to get nearer the City centre. It's a fairly long walk or a quick train ride. I used to sell that ticket occasionally on train, as even at that price people wouldn't buy...
  20. the sniper

    Priv tickets on london underground?

    Are you protected (ex-BR) or TOC New Entrant? If you hold a TOCNE PRIV you don't get PRIV travel on LU.