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    Odd incident at Paddington

    You missed one ;) .
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    Court Threat For Teenager Over 60p Gwersyllt Train Fare

    What are they meant to do then? Barge in and interrupt the guard whilst he's selling someone else a ticket or attending to his safety-critical duties? I'd agree that it's the passengers' responsibility to make themselves known to the guard as he passes through the train, but I think it's...
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    Being prevented to purchase tickets on board train

    My interpretation of the original post suggests that the chappy's tried to buy a return ticket from Hyndland before the train's even arrived there (not Queen St). Even sillier if that's correct :lol: .
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    Use of emergency door release at stations

    Surely ignoring such a request, and releasing the doors, is an deliberate action rather than an omission?