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  1. the sniper

    South Wales 'Metro' updates

    I know it is what it is at this point, but every time I come back to look at this project I can't help but feel that the tramification of the core Valley lines is going to be rued over the decades following its implementation. The Valley lines had the makings of a perfect S Bahn like system with...
  2. the sniper

    Is it true that cats can tell that conductor rails are live but dogs can't?

    Has anyone ever seen a cat step on a normal rail head...?
  3. the sniper

    I'm confused as to where all the trains fit at night...

    New Street normally has/had a few platforms accommodating three 323s each overnight, plus a few 350s, IIRC.
  4. the sniper

    Island Line Upgrade

    They only talk about the reinstatement of the second platform at Brading. NR will assist SWR with strengthening the footbridge. Unless the plan has changed since the article was written, though that'd seem unlikely?
  5. the sniper

    Island Line Upgrade

    According to the feature in the latest Modern Railways, which included comments from SWR Head of Infrastructure Mr Power, the new unit will go via Sandown yard. Regarding a connection with the steam railway, they say "To assist with the blockade, a connection [...] may be established at...
  6. the sniper

    Is there a list or map of Foot crossings?

    Well that really is the perfect answer to the OP's question! A novel thing to play with too. I'm rather surprised to see such a user friendly tool like that exists on the public site, as it doesn't really seem to serve much of a purpose, other than answering a rather niche question like the...
  7. the sniper

    Cambrian Storm Damage / Conwy Valley Flooding 02/20

    I imagine they'll want to run something, at least for train crew route knowledge retention purposes.
  8. the sniper

    New St locked emergency exits

    Could have done with BTP intervention.
  9. the sniper

    Blackpool North: The most unfriendly station in the country?

    Surely that's deliberately timed to avoid angering the BPN mafia? :lol:
  10. the sniper

    Glasgow Queen Street refurbishment and remodelling

    I can see them paying for it, if only to eliminate the "North British" hate speech adorning the side of the building as quickly as possible. :lol:
  11. the sniper

    HS2: man stands to lose his life's work

    Surely you're hamming this up a bit now chap... I'd understand if they were burning the place down with all his possessions inside at a moment's notice and he wasn't being fully compensated, but that isn't the case. I'm no great cheerleader for rail enthusiasts, but this idea that rail...
  12. the sniper

    The Future of the Snow Hill Lines

    In the shorter term are the Shrewsburys being linked as a through service with the Worcester/Herefords, running via Camp Hill? Or are they running beyond New Street as additional services, possibly to somewhere else?
  13. the sniper

    Possible to 'sleep' at Waverley overnight?

    Where's the red light district in Edinburgh then...?
  14. the sniper

    Chase Line electrification

    Indeed, but that doesn't avoid Tamworth. ;)
  15. the sniper

    Chase Line electrification

    If you were going from Birmingham to Sheffield, I'd be amazed if you were diverted via anything other than the Cross City North/Lichfield. The only other realistic option is via Leicester. Theoretically speaking, going via Walsall would involve a reversal somewhere random on the WCML or at...
  16. the sniper

    Is this tresspass?

    Entirely agree. Though I would say that there is a reasonable chance of a CCTV operator calling BTP to have a look if they saw someone loitering on the station overnight well after the last train had gone. I imagine LO have centralised CCTV monitoring. I've known it happen out in the provinces...
  17. the sniper

    All The Stations - project to video every British Railway Station

    Were you trying to produce a video series to engage an audience measured in the tens of thousands? Get over yourself...
  18. the sniper

    All The Stations - project to video every British Railway Station

    What, paying other passengers to wait for the following trains? They do most of their travelling and filming during the day, between the peaks.
  19. the sniper

    All The Stations - project to video every British Railway Station

    I think they said they weren't filming there, just trying to take a picture, so there's no footage iirc. There was plenty of discussion on Twitter about it though, most of it getting aimed at Northern's Twitter.
  20. the sniper

    All The Stations - project to video every British Railway Station

    Going by Twitter they did though get the authentic Blackpool North experience... :lol: