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    Absolute Block

    Just an idle thought for a Monday evening. What (and where) is the greatest number of successive signal boxes still working AB to each other? Daisyfield to Howe & Co's (via the S&C) is, without checking, twelve - is there an example of a greater number, or a close contender?
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    AB signal boxes switching out

    Just out of interest really - how many boxes switch out on a regular basis - say, weekly or more often? There are various documents out there showing box opening hours, but they don't seem to be up to date in all cases. For starters, Melton Station (of the Mowbray variety) switches out from...
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    Flashing yellows

    Just a quick question follwing a discussion yesterday. Does anyone know whether these are permitted on an Absolute Block line (single flashing yellow in the distant, more specifically), and whether there are any examples on the network? The things that come up in conversation on a quiet Sunday :) .