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    Level crossing Phone to cross but can't speak!

    I was recently at Wool in Dorset where I used a pedestrian footpath crossing which had red or green lights indicating to the user whether or not is was safe to cross.
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    Longest Distance to a Rail Replacement Bus Stop

    Three Oaks and Doleham are both situated over a mile along a narrow country lane off the A259 Hastings- Ashford road. In the past the substitute buses stopped on the main road in the hamlet of Guestling Thorn to serve both stations where the road forked off in different directions to serve the...
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    The Kirkham & Wesham to Burn Naze track is still in situ with a Heritage railway society trying to reopen it. It is also one of the lines listed to the Department of Transport for proposed reopening.
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    Has anyone mentioned that track is mostly still in situ on the Croxley Green- Walford High Street branch. Although closed in the mid 1990s work started on reconstruction and an aborted new connection to the Metropolitan Line Watford-Moor Park branch. A section of the track and embankment was...
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    The Woodside- Selsdon line closed to passengers in 1983 but the section between Selsdon and the site of Spencer Road Halt was used as a run round loop/shunting neck for oil trains until the 1990s. The track is still in situ albeit well overgrown.
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    I claim that the longest time that abandoned track is still in situ after closure is the narrow gauge Rye and Camber Tramway in Sussex. Closed in 1939 but used by the military during the WW2 and it was officially abandoned in the late the 1940s. Track is still laid for about a quarte of mile...
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    Scotrail to be run as a direct award to Abellio until March 2022 then Operator of Last Resort to take over

    Brilliant idea..... ....Not only nationalise the railways in Scotland but in England and Wales and name it British Railways........ :D:D:D:D
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    Hardest station to depart from?

    If we are recalling the past then a mention for the now closed Folkestone Harbour station. Trains starting from there had over a mile at 1 in 37 before stopping at Folkestone East (formerly Junction) to reverse. If the sea was rough or low sea mist then it was greasy rails to contend with. In...
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    Rail replacement buses

    As someone who used to work for BR (Southern Region) planning engineering works and substitute buses I had several years experience. I agree that many stations were inaccessible for substitute buses (there are a few that have no road access!) accordingly the nearest convenient stop was...
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    Best lines to drive/travel

    I have heard this said by several enthusiasts when they come to Kent the "Garden of England" that they are surprised and thought it is full of boring houses ,commuter trains and suburban lines. If you want fast trains then Javelins belting down HS1 past "motorways" and rivers. If you want rural...
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    Best lines to drive/travel

    Nothing from the South East........????? Try Marshlink, Tonbridge- Hastings, Barnham- Horsham or the climb through the South Downs between Brighton- Lewes or between Folkestone- Dover under the White Cliffs overlooking the Channel Some surprises- "WCML south of Lancaster" through Warrington...
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    Best lines to drive/travel

    Having travelled over the whole of the National Rail Network my favorites are.. Cambrian Line- Shrewsbury- Pwlhelli Perth- Inverness Inverness- Kyle of Lochalsh West Highland Line Craigendoran Jn - Fort William and Mallaig other nice routes Exeter- Plymouth Central Wales Line Llanelli- Craven...
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    Most pointless journey for which a fare is available

    I agree- How far is Monument to Bank using the subway connection..?
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    Most pointless journey for which a fare is available

    Two on London Underground.. I understand that a number of foreign visitors buy a £4.50 single to go on the Piccadilly Line from Covent Garden to Leicester Square a distance of less than quarter of a mile or 5 minutes walk. Embankment to Charing Cross is also 5 minutes walk along Villiers Street.
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    Long term implications of suspending ticket checks?

    During recent travels around the South East to visit elderly relatives I have only found two stations with ticket barriers in operation- Guildford and Dover Priory. At Guildford the staff seemed more concerned that I had taken my face mask off after leaving the train and was walking along the...
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    Trivia: Locations that are significantly quicker to travel between by train than other methods

    A bridge has been installed but only for pedestrians and cyclists.
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    The Gibb report in Southern Rail. Is it fair?

    I lost interest after reading some differences. It appears to be written by someone friendly with Civil Engineers but lacking some recent intimate knowledge of the area No trains serving Redhill station between midnight and 0500. Trains are still busy after midnight carrying passengers...
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    BRSA Clubs

    I am unsure if the one in St. Leonards is still in operation adjacent to the up platform of Warrior Square station. ..? I also remember visiting the now closed Waterloo club hidden under the station with its entrance off Waterloo Road. Amongst others long since closed include East Croydon...
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    BRSA Clubs

    Ashford BRSA club is still in operation. Sited in Beaver Road about 100 yards south of Ashford International station
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    Equality Act and Rail Staff.

    I have been reading this matter but.... I read that £154 was quoted for a taxi from Ely to Cambridge ? In my opinion it seems far too excessive for a distance of around 16 miles equals nearly £10 per mile..!