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  1. the sniper

    Llangollen Railway appoints receivers

    Personally I find them preferable over loco hauled stock, if only for the view out of the front/back. I doubt most normals nowadays even know of that feature on 1st Gen DMUs though.
  2. the sniper

    Heritage Railways with Busy & Well Respected Engineering Departments?

    The Ffestiniog/Boston Lodge have got to be up there. They've had quite a number of paid staff. The long news videos on the F&WHR YouTube channel often featured a lot of news of work going on there. Surprising how much work there seemingly is to go around in UK narrow gauge!
  3. the sniper

    Wensleydale Railway ‘clear out’

    They've got to make space for all the Pacers...
  4. the sniper

    4-Day Private Charter With 40145 on ECS

    Who's got a problem with him throwing money at his train set? Far better than throwing obscene amounts of money into the Tory and Brexit machines for burning...
  5. the sniper

    West Somerset Railway

    The WHR and SVR arguably have more of a destination at 'the end', wherever you're starting. I imagine most passengers on the WSR originate from Minehead, in which case, where are they going? Watchet is a touristy place to go, but I can't say I'd be fussed about going to Williton or Bishop's...
  6. the sniper

    UK Rail Vacations R/T from London?

    Foreigners shouldn't use an All Line Rover, a BritRail Pass is cheaper and doesn't have the restrictions.
  7. the sniper

    Trawsfynydd and Blaenau Ffestiniog community railway company

    Thanks for that. I've got to be honest, I'd really prefer to keep that section as it naturally is. It's a fantastic route to walk. I dread to think what a Camel Trail equivalent with a gradient like that would be like, you know some people would treat it like a descent on a Grand Tour... The...
  8. the sniper

    Trawsfynydd and Blaenau Ffestiniog community railway company

    Can anybody describe what the signalling arrangements are/were at Blaenau Ffestiniog for operation of the branch to Trawsfynydd please? I think that this line could be/have been a valuable addition to the scene/area if done right, sustainable too, but I feel the window of opportunity has...
  9. the sniper

    How many of our Heritage Railways are in trouble?

    Have faith, Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo will save them too. I doubt he'll even mention it...
  10. the sniper

    Trivia: What is the shortest heritage railway by length?

    While novel to have a look around if you're a proper rail enthusiast, just for how odd it is, the Waverley Heritage Centre is pretty much a blot on the beautiful landscape it occupies. Particularly its collection of rolling stock just makes the place look a mess. Luckily for them there aren't...
  11. the sniper

    Are Heritage railways trying to have it both ways ?

    Highly doubt that. I can't even imagine the SDR would have closed for good, though it'd have had ride out a hell of a storm and come out the other side a different entity... As Llanigraham says, a lot of comparisons can be drawn between the heritage railway scene and rallying. It's probably in...
  12. the sniper

    Flying Scotsman @ KGX?

    If that's what you believe than mainline steam should be banned. Problem solved. Why should NR go massively out of it's way to accommodate hundreds of law breaking morons, watching something for free that is nothing but an unnecessary operational inconvenience?
  13. the sniper

    Why are Great Central the only one with passsing steam?

    'At speed', the speed being the standard exhilarating 25 mph?! :p
  14. the sniper

    'Enthusiasts' beyond the end of platforms

    While I find it odd that I'm arguing an 'anti rail staff' argument, if we're believing the stated version of events, what would have happened if furnessvale wasn't a copper and was just a socially awkward rail enthusiast, minding their own business, stood in an area where access wasn't seemingly...
  15. the sniper

    'Enthusiasts' beyond the end of platforms

    Mate, honestly I wouldn't disbelieve it. That's not to say it definitely happened, but I certainly wouldn't discount it. I know one or two guys who might do something stupid like that. I imagine most people who work at/through/out of Birmingham New Street (who know people) could name the one...
  16. the sniper

    'Enthusiasts' beyond the end of platforms

    Meh... Might have taught this bloke to be more careful about who he was randomly swearing at for no reason in future. Having been in a similar situation with some bloke on a power trip making up his own rules, relying on the ignorance of joe public, showing a staff pass was all I could do to...
  17. the sniper

    'Enthusiasts' beyond the end of platforms

    Around the Midlands at least, most station now have half hight metal palisade fences and plastic 'tank trap' like pads on the floor to block off the ramps. Probably coming to a station near you soon... EDIT: Having now read the rest of the thread... Only applicable to S5 POA. Someone on the...
  18. the sniper

    Overnight steam tours

    I ended up rallying up and down the valley chasing the trains between Kidderminster and Arley. What a great novelty! Standing on the platform as the trains appeared out of and disappeared into the fog and darkness, it really was quite something. It looked like there was a good 40+ passengers...
  19. the sniper

    Overnight steam tours

    As a proper night owl/unofficial insomniac, I might have to go and hang out around the SVR on Saturday night! Seems like a right novelty. Looks like a Manor class loco is doing the overnight turn. Thanks for the heads up blackwatch. :)
  20. the sniper

    Welsh Highland

    Service frequency was a big talking point when the timetable was drawn up for the Beddgelert/Porthmadog extension. The decision was taken to have longer trains over more frequent trains, which is particularly inconvenient for the customers that they get at the Caenarfon end. Personally I prefer...