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  1. the sniper

    RAIL magazine

    It is "what BR used to do" heavy in the opinion pieces, I very much enjoy the historical insight, but do sometimes wonder whether they're too heavily skewed by that (though I don't think it detracts from Ford's work at all, in particular). The thing is though, they're all too often proven to be...
  2. the sniper

    RAIL magazine

    I gave up about five years ago. Just became too clear that they were aiming to be the mouthpiece for the industry, I imagine their business model is now dependant upon industry funding, particularly when they were running the Rail business events. I think once you're in the industry you can see...
  3. the sniper

    New Adlestrop Railway Atlas

    Glad to see you're up for finishing it, thanks for your work so far! It's a great map. I dread to think what year I first downloaded it, prior to the north being added, many moons ago... :lol:
  4. the sniper

    Any good publications regarding nuclear waste trains?

    You should ask the Civil Nuclear Constabulary...
  5. the sniper

    Ciclismo: new electronic/ambient album 'Blue & Grey: an incomplete history of British Rail'

    Glad to see Mark Radcliff/BBC Radio 6Music doing sterling work as usual.
  6. the sniper

    US and Canadian timetables

    Incredible collection, such a great resource. Thanks again for your efforts.
  7. the sniper

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    He's presumable talking about the program which was the subject of this thread...
  8. the sniper

    Rail Atlas Great Britain & Ireland (15th Edition)

    Yeah, same here. It'd be sad to see it end, though I have to admit I haven't brought one, or rather been brought one, since I was a kid. I've long fancied getting the first edition second hand if at a good price. I wonder whether a 'remastered' version of the first edition might be a good/better...
  9. the sniper

    Rail Atlas Great Britain & Ireland (15th Edition)

    Is it known whether there'll be another edition after this one? Maybe that's played a part in the inclusion of these distant predictions.
  10. the sniper

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    They're WMT now, were always Virgin until around late 2018 or early 2019.
  11. the sniper

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    Quite fitting that you have to use a CRS code to find it...
  12. the sniper

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    I agree, it made various aspects look bad, but I felt the portrayal was largely accurate. I thought they actually underplayed how consistently chaotic New Street was almost every day for MONTHS last year, as they couldn't really get into the details of how badly the timetable worked on a daily...
  13. the sniper

    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    I haven't seen the episode and have no knowledge of this specific incident, but at New Street it has been known for Dispatchers to stand beyond a Red mid platform Signal and give a hand signal, usually slow down initially, at the far end of the platform, indicating where they want the train to...
  14. the sniper

    Opinions on the quality of journalism in RAIL magazine

    I'm pleasantly surprised to see there's so much consensus on Rail and particularly Nigel Harris. He's a guy who very much knows which side his bread is buttered. I appreciate that he has to keep the thing in business, but at what cost? By the time I'd given up reading the mag a couple of years...
  15. the sniper

    Notebook found which needs reuniting with its owner

    Facebook is your best bet for something like this. If they're not on it, ask someone in the messroom to put it on there.
  16. the sniper

    When is Possession of Railway Property no longer considered Theft ?

    I don't think Police uniform is uniformly disposed of in this fashion. I thought it was but one of the Drivers at our place has a black jacket with a blue and white chequer strip across it and epaulette hooks. It looked to me like an ex-West Mids Police one devoid of badges, so I asked the...
  17. the sniper

    where to buy a British Train Driver Rucksack?

    Must be a Govia thing as London Midland backpacks are branded too.
  18. the sniper

    Ian Allan Bookshops to close? (turns out it's just Cardiff closing)

    And give praise to the staff in the Birmingham store, who seem to be the only people that have done well out of this thread. :lol:
  19. the sniper

    Ian Allan Bookshops to close? (turns out it's just Cardiff closing)

    I've always found the staff at the Birmingham store to be perfectly polite, I'll be sad to see the place go if this news is correct. I haven't been in there much over the last few years, but only because I've ran out of bookshelf space at home! I went in there last year just to browse but ended...