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    Revised EMR Regional Timetables - From 19th June

    Probably the worst thing you could do at the moment. Any other company would face exactly the same shortages of drivers, guards and units. Shaking things up will just disrupt what's a pretty comprehensive plan for getting things back to where they need to be.
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    It depends on how you define "enough"! X drivers to cover Y diagrams sounds good in theory, but most of those X drivers will have booked jobs that they don't have to move from, or might be needed to cover other gaps if they're struggling for route knowledge - in an ideal world, etc.!
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    There's provision under the Covid agreement, at our place at least, for all STP diagrams to be scrutinised - not least because changes on this scale really aren't equivalent to the consequences of engineering work! Indeed, one clause in our T&Cs explicitly limits the flexibility if it's a change...
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    New EMR service 2141 Manchester to Nottingham

    It’s only via Derby this week because of overnight possessions on the Erewash. 1R50 (and 5M06) in the mornings and what used to be 1L20 (now 1L21 SX) in the evenings have been regular candidates for being diverted that way for years. Certainly not all sign Ambergate to Clay Cross, but a decent...
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    New EMR service 2141 Manchester to Nottingham

    I had the pleasure of being your chauffeur last night. It was indeed as @LowLevel has stated - it’s booked to pass the stopper at New Mills South, which wasn’t a problem when it was ECS (and 2S38 doesn’t seem to have run for the last few months anyway). It’ll be interesting to see whether any...
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    SWR Missing out stops to make up time

    An entirely foreseeable consequence of misguided political interference?
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    Depends on the Ts&Cs at each company. Ours can have your booked job extended by up an hour for engineering work, but if your booked job is cancelled and you revert to spare, you can't go over your original rostered hours except by mutual agreement. No PNBs at the very end of jobs allowed either!
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    Trivia - Extremely Late Running

    My personal best is a 6½ hour delay on what should've been a 48 minute journey (Leicester to Nottingham), thankfully initially in a station platform so devoid of passengers after alternative arrangements had been made for them.
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    May 2021 Timetable Change

    If I remember correctly, there’s a regular Wednesday daytime possession between Corby and Manton for track inspections.
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    2*EMR 156s working 1P99 16:27 Derby-Kettering

    Pretty sure that ran via Market Harborough both ways - it came back as 1F57 (if I remember correctly), which was normally formed from the rear portion of a 10-car Corby service, as things were back then.
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    EMR timetable change 26th October

    Also the 19:51 off Liverpool (which would be the 16:47 off Notts, which is running between Grantham and Nottingham only).
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    Rare service from Meadowhall Platform 4 to Sheffield

    The signalled move from platform 4 takes you via the Down Slow, which isn't physically accessible from platform 2. There's also a signalled move into platform 4 (through the facing crossover) from Barnsley. I suppose you could have a main aspect to take you back out from platform 2 straight out...
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    Changes to 4-Character Headcode Conventions in recent years

    The system of identifying inter-regional services by 'reserved' letters is still alive, but not so well these days. It still stands for many longer distance class 1s and most freights. It falls to bits with trains to the former LM though, because there are so many that'd otherwise be 'M'...
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    Bizarre RTT cancellation reason for an RHTT - "Adhesion Problems"!

    I seem to remember one RHTT circuit being cancelled for a day or two, a few years ago now, because it had been for a slide somewhere, had bad wheelflats and needed the wheel lathe...
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    The Beginning of the end for the Robin Hood Line, or a new less frequent era?

    Apologies, disregard the above - I've just checked and I'm speaking nonsense! It was Lindleys Lane that I was thinking of, and of course it was the GC alignment that the lane used to go over. I'm still sure that you're higher than the original alignment as you come out of the tunnel - the roof...
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    The Beginning of the end for the Robin Hood Line, or a new less frequent era?

    You definitely climb higher than the original alignment as you go through the tunnel in the Down direction, necessary to get the line onto the new alignment that was constructed between there and Kirkby Lane End. If I’m not mistaken, the lane that you pass over just as you start to drop down...
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    Longest ECS movements?

    Ta, I’m about a hundred miles from my copy of this week’s WON so I couldn’t check for myself!
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    Longest ECS movements?

    Are you sure? It ran as per the LTP schedules last week! I’m not sure what it’d achieve in COVID terms anyway.
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    Longest ECS movements?

    I see that it’s booked to start from Warrington this week with the empties from Nottingham leaving later than normal, yet there’s no sign of a possession on the Hope Valley with freight running all night as is usually the case! Do they have weekday night possessions over there? I assumed all the...