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    Examples of skip stop/express services on the Tube (or DLR & LO too)

    Between Stratford and Canning Town the Jubilee line trains do not run on the same track as DLR trains. Similarly NR trains between Beckenham Jn and Birkbeck do not run on the same tracks as Croydon Tramlink services.
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    Tunnel oddities at White City

    It would appear to be either one of the sidings into the former depot or the reversing loop see this article.. Wood Lane (
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    Why are there double sets of ticket barriers at Waterloo East?

    Is one set for leaving the National Rail station and the other set for entering the Underground station..? Southwark interchange I found in the past "difficult" to use so now when alighting at Waterloo East I use Waterloo Underground station. One such oddity was that you could NOT leave a...
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    Moving to London: Help me use the tube

    I mean proper tube not London Overground.
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    Moving to London: Help me use the tube

    I was born and lived in Croydon for many years and it has a top class public transport system. Fast frequent services taking 15 minutes from East Croydon by rail to Victoria or London Bridge. About the same from Blackfriars or Farringdon. Check out the all night train services..! Check out for...
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    Reduced Speed at Closed Stations

    If the work is on the platform close to the open line then a speed restriction will be imposed. I presume the timetable is not altered (apart from obviously trains not stopping at the temporarily closed station) then if trains whizzed through at line speed then they would only then sit and...
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    Award-winning design to transform disused Tube tunnels into underground cycle routes

    Other disused tunnels are King William Street- Borough (closed 1900) Moorgate- Farringdon a pair of the former Thameslink lines closed in 2007 Post Office Tube Railway lines although small diameter
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    Lost Underground Stations etc

    Apologies-- I did not see the link to the next page.:oops: Thanks
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    Lost Underground Stations etc

    A very nice site but a number of disused stations have been missed out.. King William Street, Tower Of London, Lords, Marlborough Road,. etc.
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    Lost Underground Stations etc

    Londons Disused Underground Stations by J.E Connor published by Connor and Butler. is recommended as I have a copy of it. It does not list unused or partially built rail lines around line but there are web sites such as on Wikipedia that list them.
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    Euston to London Bridge 48 minutes?

    It is not just departure from Euston station platform to arrival at London Bridge platform. Allowances are made for the a slow walking person to undertake- The time from ground level at Euston, down stairs, purchase ticket, through ticket barrier, down more stairs/escalators,through subways...
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    Museum Trains and riding on them.

    The last of the LT Standard Stock from the 1920s finished working life in 1991on the Isle Of Wight Ryde to Shanklin line. Five cars were preserved and donated by BR to London Underground and are normally stored at Acton Museum. The Spa Valley Railway has two cars of the 1930s Metropolitan...
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    How much of the Underground map have YOU covered?

    I have done the whole LU system plus Docklands Light Rly and London Overground. I have also travelled over the following sections of now closed LU lines- Central Line- Epping Ongar Piccadilly-Holborn-Aldwych - original Hounslow West station/branch East London Line-...
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    How much of the Underground map have YOU covered?

    I have covered the whole system..
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    Charing Cross Jubilee Line

    The platforms closed to regular passenger traffic in 1999 but have been maintained as reversing sidings for ECS and used for filming purposes.
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    Station Names on Tickets

    Yes- I also collect tickets. I suppose the most rare Underground station ticket I have is from Mill Hill (The Hale) the station that was partly built but never opened then subsequently abandoned.
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    Kings Cross - Wimbledon

    I agree...Direct FCC train from St. Pancras to Wimbledon. You have to be aware that Kings Cross and St. Pancras are neighbours and just the width of Pancras Road separates them. Simple...!
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    LUL lines that used to be heavy rail

    Former LNER lines now solely LUL- Leyton- Epping Woodford-Newbury Park East Finchley- High Barnet Finchley Central- Mill Hill East Chalfont-Chesham Former LMSR lines now LUL Bromley-by-bow- Upminster Former GWR lines now LUL Hanger Lane-West Ruislip Former SR lines now LUL...