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    Ticketing - Change from Big 4 to BR

    Most of the stations were selling M&GNR issued tickets up to closure in 1959. It is rare to find BR issued tickets from the M&GN stations closed in 1959. Further to my earlier posting I have founded reference (=Collecting Railway Tickets by Derek Harris=) that Newton Kyme station issued NER...
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    Ticketing - Change from Big 4 to BR

    I am a member of the Transport Ticket Society and have a large collection of tickets dating back to the 19th century. One of the last pregrouping tickets available was I think LBSCR Faygate or GER Haddiscoe platform ticket which could be purchased in the 1950s. I purchased my last...
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    Did anyone else "of a certain age": essentially fail to make it to the "classic" Isle of Wight?

    I made several visits to the IOW to travel behind the O2s in the last two months of operation November/December 1966. It was quite an experience travelling in the Victorian non-corridor coaches. I remember also travelling on the petrol (?) driven tramway along Ryde Pier. A few years later...
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    Trivia — Lines That Were Built For Double Track But Were Only Ever Single

    All these lines were in the past double track but have been reduced to single track.
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    Trivia — Lines That Were Built For Double Track But Were Only Ever Single

    Sections of the infrastructure between East Grinstead and Ashurst Jn were built for double track which enabled a passing loop to easily be built at Forest Row many years after the line was opened. Several bridges in the Hartfield- Withyham area have double track width. In several long stretches...
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    What lines did Railtrack (1994-2002) open or reopen?

    A list of stations...Category:Railway stations opened by Railtrack - Wikipedia Nottingham- Mansfield- Worksop was reopened in in the 1990s Edinburgh- Newcraighall (the first section of the Waverley Line)
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    Last steam workings out of Brighton on Plymouth/Exeter trains

    I started work for BR Southern in October 1966 and can confirm that steam had finished on the Brighton-Plymouth passenger service by then but unknown when diesels took over. I agree with Gloster above that an occasional freight or engineers train was steam hauled from the Havant direction into...
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    The League Liner

    I attach scan of a ticket of a service from Kings Cross to Seaburn on 27 October 1973 when Crystal Palace FC were playing at Sunderland
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    Did the SECR ever plan on quadrupling to Ashford?

    It appears that in places between Tonbridge and Paddock Wood sufficient land was purchased to widen to 4 tracks as the boundary fence is well back from the track. I will add that the loop at Headcorn was added in the 1930s not in SER days. In the 1990s the line was increased to 4 tracks at...
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    It would appear your knowledge of the South East is "suspect". The Mid-Sussex line runs between Horsham-Arundel Jn which carries over one million passengers per year. If you mean the line between Hurst Green-Uckfield then consider that Edenbridge Town, Hever and Cowden are in Kent. A rural route...
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    The area has been heavily re-developed since closure in 1970. I was staying in Hopton-on-sea at a holiday camp in 1969 with the camp and the adjacent station surrounded by fields. South of the station the railway was on a high embankment. Station Road then was a quiet "country lane". A recent...
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    The initial proposals were to close the whole of the Grimsby to Boston line but public and political support saved the section between Skegness and Boston. Many lines serving coastal routes which were subsequently closed were busy on Summer Saturdays but Beeching highlighted that being...
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    Longest booked Eurostar timings pre-HS1?

    I have in my archives a Eurostar timetable for 1999. Fastest journey time non stop London Waterloo- Brussels was 2 hours 40 minutes.,London to Paris 2 hours 55 minutes. For the stop at Ashford add 5 minutes.
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    You are missing my point of being confined to local issues. Having lived all my life in the South East I can name all the local closures in the 1960s created media coverage with publicity and debate about it. What I consider as controversial were those lines that still have campaign groups...
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    I agree with "Railwaysceptic" above and I was also around in 1963 a schoolboy. Life in 1963 was different as railways then were losing custom to roads and the number of people using rail each year were falling. It is easy with blinked eyes and hindsight to look back and name a long list of lines...
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    A very debateable subject but here are my choices with one from each part of the country... 1.Uckfield- Lewes 2.Birmingham Snow Hill- Wolverhampton Low Level 3. Waverley Route Carlisle-Edinburgh 4. York- Beverley via Market Weighton 5. Exeter-Okehampton-Plymouth
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    Heolgerrig Halt

    Quoting from Railway Passenger Stations by Micheal Quick.. Situated between Merthyr and Cefn Coed it was opened jointly by the GWR/LMSR on 31 May 1937. It was closed by BR on 31 November 1961
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    First memories of a London terminus?

    As a young child in the early 1960s travelling by steam train from East Croydon to Victoria (up train originating from the Oxted Line). Arriving at the large cavernous Victoria station which was full of people rushing around. After leaving school in 1966 I bought a five shillings red rover bus...
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    Justifying a line closure

    With hindsight it is very easy to look back to the 1960s but it was a different world then. The number of passengers using rail was falling. The number of cars on the road was much less than today but at the time car ownership was steadily increasing year by year and it was thought at the time...
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    Up and down lines & platforms

    An unusual circumstance occurred on the Tunbridge Wells to Eridge line before its closure in 1985. Originally built by the LBSCR their route to London (up line) via that companies route was westbound via Groombridge (then either via East Grinstead or Ashurst).. Closures in the 1960s lead to the...