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    Don Coffey cab ride video discussion

    I'm pretty sure that they are all TOC rules, given that each TOC has its own (often quite widely varying) policy for electronic devices. Local management might not be able to authorise it, but someone within the TOC ought to be able to. After all, is a suitably risk-assessed device quietly...
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    Newark To Nottingham Stations & Signalboxes (Some due for demolition next week)

    Some excellent photos - thanks! The frame, block shelf, equipment on the block shelf and the diagram usually do an excellent job of obscuring any view out of the front windows, so in that respect it's probably better to have the frame at the back of the box. The end windows remain the most...
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    GCR type 2 gala

    Definitely some decent photos there! Should've popped up Loughborough box for a cup of tea in the afternoon though ;).
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    Unless you know the headcode of the train, the only way to make a reasonable guess is by the length of the train - and that's clearly not 'foolproof'. Though I suppose you'd also be able to work it out by the time between passing Barnetby on the down and passing on the way back up! Good...
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    Gridz 'n' Gala

    Pointless move of the day ;). Good photo though!
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    Good photos - glad to see it's not got any quieter since I've been away! As for this photo - the Up Slow Outer Home really is displaying a rather pathetic 'off' there ;).
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    Midlands And a diverted mail on the ECML

    I saw another 87 (026?) pass through Donny on the up road with another diverted mail later that day (quite a busy 10 minutes!), but I didn't have a camera handy. Good photos anyway!
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    Tees yard today

    Looks like the 66 is waiting for the '350' to draw its train clear, before being given a handsignal to proceed. Not sure if there are any signals to SPAD around there!
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    A Suprise for James Dunn!

    Think everyone had a fantastic day :D . Sadly I couldn't stay beyond 6pm (without spending the night in a bus shelter somewhere...), but that didn't stop me enjoying the time I was there! Was worth it just to see James' face when 66526 ran slowly through the goods lines then back onto the bay...
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    All Around Lincolnshire

    Which route it took from Lincoln - assuming it headed west. Doubt you'd have been able to find that out even if you wanted to though, certainly not by observation from the station (unless you happened to notice that West Holmes' Down Main Distant was 'off' - then it was going towards the...
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    All Around Lincolnshire

    Seems like a very unusual move - so it ran round in the station then headed off back towards Newark/Gainsborough (don't suppose you know which one?)...if so, really wish I'd been there to see it :) .
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    All Around Lincolnshire

    What was going on at Lincoln with that light '66' - from the caption, presumably the 'bins' were diverted for some reason...still seems like a very bizarre move! Certainly more rare than a freight (or even passenger) train on the Up Slow at Barnetby :wink: . Edit: Good photos by the way :) .
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    West Yorks Day Rover Meet

    Definitely some good photos there :) . Particularly like the ones from Church Fenton!
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    My fotopic site updated

    It's routed towards Leeds too - if that helps?