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    Signallers should no longer be referred to as "signalmen"

    Thanks, not only for the gentle reminder, but the manner in which it and the subsequent discussion was made. If things are to change, that’s certainly the way to go about it, to promote a better understanding. I always referred to myself as “signalman” when I was in the box, and I notice that...
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    Bridge-Bash at Kew on the South Circular Road (22/02)

    There is, surely? There’s a standard height (16’6”?) below which bridges have to carry signs to show the clearance, so it follows that there’s a maximum vehicle height, above which any movement has to be specially planned as an abnormal load.
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    Rail employees discussing stuff on here

    I try to post on the basis that anyone can work out who I am if they want to (it’s not difficult) and ask myself whether my current employer (who I’ll never directly identify but it probably also isn’t hard to work out) would be upset with whatever I’m about to post! I don’t see a problem with...
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    Early Closing and Holidays

    I'm a bit late to this one, but... Up before 0400 on both, to work the early turn. At 2.5x pay (and higher grade duty too) for both, I'd much rather do that than go out anywhere to spend the day fighting traffic jams and crowds of people!
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    A little rant about everyday life on rails.

    I usually stay seated for as long as I possibly can, but occasionally I'm keen to be off quickly - when travelling back from signalling school in Leeds every Friday afternoon, I could save a good twenty minutes by going for a +2 connection at Nottingham rather than a 'legal' connection at...
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    Heated Front Windscreen

    I'd understood that Ford have the concept patented, so they're the only manufacturer to feature them. I also understand that the patent expires soon, so they might suddenly become rather more widespread!
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    What's Your Woolworths Now?

    Loughborough's Big W became an oddly-shaped and rarely busy Tesco superstore, despite a large Tesco Extra barely a mile away (and much more accessible) and an Express half a mile down the road. It was suggested that they moved in to stop Asda (who don't have a presence) and Morrisons (who occupy...
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    Police entrapment

    Interesting. The argument that it's ok to sit in one of the overtaking lanes as long as you're driving at the speed limit is often dragged up in defence of the ignorant motorists who see fit to pootle along in the middle lane all day. One man's (indicated) 70mph is another one's 67mph or less...
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    rule book on ipad

    The only trouble is that, thanks to the wonderfully hopeless manner in which amendments are dealt with, the 'current' electronic versions aren't necessarily up-to-date without continual cross-referencing to the AM module. If only the electronic versions could be updated with each round of...
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    Enthusiasts documentary at Stafford railway station

    It's not all about platform ends on the national network - plenty of enthusiasts give their spare time to help keep various heritage railways running. Certainly a different, and hopefully interesting, angle on the hobby!
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    Work/Life Balance

    Having spent just over a year working continuously away from home (Mon - Fri every week), I'd choose the regional one any day! If there's a group of you working away together, it's not so bad, but I really didn't like being away from home all week, every week. I hated the long motorway journeys...
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    C. R. U. G. (Cottingley Rail Users Group)

    Taking the 13:13 off Leeds as an example, it's booked past Mirfield East Jn at 13:33, with the following Airport train nearly seven minutes behind at 13:39H. The former is booked 6H mins from Whitehall Jn to Morley, whilst a random train stopping at Cottingley is booked 8 mins for the same...
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    Good, friendly and value for money B&B's in Inverness ?

    We stayed in a cracking little B&B named Silverstrands after cycling from Fort William. It's not too far from the station, with a friendly welcome and an excellent breakfast - I'd definitely recommend it! Details here.
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    Bad manners on the roads

    It's the same on the M1 between J25 and J28 (which I'm sure flows well more often than the M25 does!). Rightly or wrongly, you can usually make better progress by sticking in L1 and L2, especially at weekends when there's fewer HGVs in those lanes. The speed cameras associated with the variable...
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    Bad manners on the roads

    Sadly 'lack of spatial awareness' would probably account for the majority of examples of poor driving discussed here or elsewhere!
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    Bad manners on the roads

    This tractor didn't, but I don't mind that so much. I just didn't see the point in the chap in front letting him out in the first place, when there was nothing behind our two vehicles to stop him coming out behind us!
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    Bad manners on the roads

    Interesting! To summarise this thread over the last 24 hours then, we've got one poster seemingly arguing that there's no need ever to let someone out at a junction (since when have you only had to give way to the right at a t-junction by the way?), and hence the fact that you should never ever...
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    Bad manners on the roads

    Maybe it's just Derby, but I generally find that more often than not folk will acknowledge me in some way if I let them out. It does irritate me when they don't, but nowhere as much (or as often) as it irritates me when someone doesn't let me across when they're slowing to stop just beyond the...
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    How fast do you drive on the motorway?

    An interesting twist. I had the use of a car at 17, though I didn't have my own for a couple of years after that. Living in a rural area, I didn't need it, but it certainly saved my parents from rather a lot of inconvenience - he who stays at home and does nothing but study will have very little...
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    How fast do you drive on the motorway?

    You appear to have missed the bit about indicating your intention to change lanes. Generally, as 90019 suggests, someone in lane 3 will usually ease off slightly to let you join the flow - with a little bit of awareness of what's around you, and some forward planning, you should be able to do so...