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  1. the sniper

    New Moderator

    Good call. Finally, a new moderator that I've actually heard of! :D :p Congrats Greenback. :)
  2. the sniper

    thefab444 - RIP

    Just reading through some old threads looking for info. Noticed the most informative and comprehensive post on the subject was from fab444... Rest in peace John. So sad to loose someone so young.
  3. the sniper

    Staff changes

    Thanks for the answers guys. My curiosity has been satisfied. :wink:
  4. the sniper

    Staff changes

    Few... I didn't think I'd heard of either of them! MikeW is a familiar name though. Congratulations and good luck to both bb21 and Mike395 anyway. :) Just out of curiosity, how do people go about becoming moderators? Or is it a position for which you are head hunted?