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    Tube staff plan five days of strikes

    I saw quite a bit of criticism of teachers - on Facebook, silly soundbites on the news and a few other sources too - which was almost entirely on the basis that the parents in question were being deprived of free childcare for the day. No real mention of the rights and wrongs of the dispute...
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    Union claims Northern line collision ‘narrowly avoided’

    Sorry, didn't see that the thread had been moved! I'm certainly in favour of rants that might do something to improve safety, and I know that a lot of union time is spent working towards this. You might recall Mr Crow's recent demands for all level crossings to be abolished. In many cases...
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    Union claims Northern line collision ‘narrowly avoided’

    That's true - do they still have tripcocks on the ATO sections anyway? It wasn't my intention to speculate - apologies, I did go off on a bit of one, but I am getting rather tired of brother Bob's often entirely misinformed rants that usually do more harm to his members than good.
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    Union claims Northern line collision ‘narrowly avoided’

    Hmm, well I'd be amazed if the signalling system allowed a conflicting route to be set - such wrong-side failures are very rare indeed. There's always the possibility of a SPAD though...!